8 Essential Dating Tips For Older Men

Thrive in your 40s, 50s and beyond with these tips

It is absolutely possible for you to date younger women well into your 40s, 50s and beyond.?

In fact, you can be more desirable than ever to beautiful women in your later years, as long as you prepare for them correctly.

This guide contains 8 essential dating tips to help older men date younger women.?

1. Take care of your appearance

Your appearance isn?t everything when it comes to attracting beautiful women.

Women are more attracted to qualities such as confidence, charisma, power, status, wealth, intelligence and leadership skills.?

Indeed, it?s the older men who have spent their younger years maxing out these qualities who? will find it easiest to date gorgeous younger women.?

However, it?s also more important than ever for older men to put an effort into looking great.???

If you don?t lift weights, eat healthily or have a grooming routine in your twenties, it?s still possible to look reasonably good.?

That?s far less likely in your forties and beyond. You can?t get by on genetics alone at that age.?

So, make an effort to eat well, go to the gym and take care of your grooming. It?ll make life so much easier as an older man in the modern dating market.?

2. Dress well

The age gap will be less of a concern for women if you?re dressing better than most of the guys their age.

Hopefully, as an established older man, you can afford to splash out on more expensive clothes.

When a man dresses well and looks after his body, it indicates a certain level of self-esteem. That in itself is attractive, much more than the older man who ?lets himself go?.

You don?t need to be decked out in all the trendiest brands. Still, it?ll serve you well to wear clothes that fit your body well and remain somewhat relevant to the modern day.???

Avoid these ?old man? fashion mistakes at all costs.

3. Know your value?

Some people might try to suggest you have no business trying to date younger women. Don?t be fooled.

In most cases, they?re either jealous, misinformed or women trying to ?shit test? you.??

As mentioned above, men in their 40s and beyond are most likely to have the personality traits that women are most attracted to. Women in their late teens and early 20s are most likely to have the physical traits that men are most attracted to.?

If these older men and younger women have been taking care of themselves, they?ll both be at their peak sexual market value. It makes sense for them to be paired together, and that?s why it happens so often.?

So, don?t be approaching women with an attitude suggesting you?d be lucky to date them.?

If you?ve been living life properly, you probably have a lot more to offer than the younger guys who know her.?

4. Don?t be cheap!

You may have a great high-paying job, but that won?t help your dating life if you?re too tight with your money.?

She doesn?t care about the zeros in your bank account, as much as the lifestyle you?re living. Is it one that a beautiful woman would want to be a part of??

A bit of extra money spent on your house, your car, your clothes or your first dates goes a long way.

5. Don?t lead with money?

There is a healthy balance when it comes to spending money on a woman. If you?re trying to impress her with money and nothing else, that can be a huge turn-off.

Either that or it?s a huge turn-on for a gold digger.?

If you do want to pay for everything she does, sign up for a legitimate sugar dating website. At least then, you?re guaranteed to get what you want out of the deal.?

6. Have a fun social life

When you?re living a life packed full of awesome friends, fun parties and cool hobbies, it becomes so much easier to attract amazing women.

That?s just not because you?re living a lifestyle that beautiful women would want to be part of.

It also helps prevent neediness and desperation from ruining your chances with them.

When you have lots of cool stuff going on anyway, it?s much easier to be carefree in your interactions with women.

This gives them the space to chase you, which is essential when it comes to dating high-quality women.???

7. Have a social media presence

If you think social media is ?only for young people?, that?s incredibly short-sighted.?

There are dozens of reasons why social media makes it easier for you to attract women into your life.?

By not having an active presence there, you?re shooting yourself in the foot.?

At the very least, upload a handful of your best photos to Instagram – and message her on this platform.?

This way, she can learn more about your lifestyle and who you are without you having to boast about it.?

8. Have fun!?

Perhaps you?re recently divorced – or you had your heart broken by a few women in your younger years. Join the club. Most older singletons have baggage. But there?s no point being bitter.?

Being single in your 40s, 50s and beyond can be the best time of your life! But you?ll have to make the decision to enjoy it.??

You can have the wisdom of an older man and the lust for life of a teenager. That?s one hell of an attractive combination.?

Instead of ?setting down? in the latter half of your life, you get to enjoy new adventures with amazing new women.?

That?s something to celebrate!

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