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The Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Old Man

There are plenty of geriatrics who seem to have spent the last eighty years perfecting their sense of style. You can look up to them and copy their fashion choices without being tarred with the shrivelled old man brush. But there are also plenty of old men who seem to have never learnt how to dress- and they seem to have their own distinct style. Here are some of the worst mistakes they make- mistakes that you may unwittingly be copying.

Pants too high

The classic sign of an old man is wearing pants belted at the waist, especially if they are slacks with a crease ironed in on the front. It makes you look too prim and proper. Wearing your pants too low, on the other hand, makes you look like a ratty teenager. You should definitely wear your pants high enough to preserve your dignity, and always with a belt. Wearing your pants just above the hip is a more modern look than wearing them at the waist.

Faded clothes

What happens when you?ve been wearing the same jumper for thirty years? It fades. It also loses shape and becomes a baggy, saggy disappointment. Wearing old clothes that look like they?ve seen better days is never stylish. Wearing clothes that look old just makes you yourself look old. Vibrant colors are youthful, but you need to take care of your clothes so they retain their brightness.

Ugly cardigans

While cardigans have enjoyed a resurgence of late, there is a difference between endearingly daggy cardigans, and just plain ugly cardigans that old people often wear. Err on the side of style. In particular, dull brown cardigans are a hallmark of old men who no longer care how they dress.

Sandals with socks

Sandals with socks are never a good look. While many young men are guilty of this crime against fashion, it is associated with old men. In particular, it is reminiscent of old men gardening. Sandals are only ever acceptable on hot days- not sock weather. Swap them for a pair of real shoes.

Always wearing the same outfit

Humans are creatures of habit. Sometimes, that habit is wearing the same outfit all the time, no matter what the occasion. Even if you?ve found an outfit versatile enough for all dress codes, you shouldn?t stick to the same outfit every day. It doesn?t count as different if you have the same outfit in different colors. Don?t be the guy that people start to recognise from his sweater. Changing up your outfits makes you look more youthful and gives you more chances to experiment with and show off your personal style.

Don?t smell like an old man

Choose your cologne carefully, because it adds to your outfit when being observed from a short distance. There are some classic fragrances which suit young and old alike, and then there are some (Old Spice, anyone?) which are decidedly mature. Choose a fresh, clean-smelling scent if you want to smell youthful.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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