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About Christopher Reid Chris was born in Washington, D.C. and lives in Britain. He works as a blogger, essayist, and novelist. His first book, Tea with Maureen, has just been published.


    How To Date A Single Mother

    img Posted May 4, 2018

    A few tips on dating twentysomething moms You cannot help who you meet and like. The perfect girl to your mind may be one who is young, unattached, smart, and funny, with a pretty ...


    An Inexplicable Attraction

    img Posted May 3, 2018

                                                                 How to respond to feelings you cannot explain Some women are attractive to every red-blo ...


    Living Together—Are You Ready?

    img Posted April 27, 2018

                                                               Thinking through issues and expectations The topic comes up repeatedly. She is not so much ...


    How To Make The Most Of A Chance Encounter

    img Posted April 26, 2018

                                                             Tips on pursuing a girl met in the unlikeliest of places A bar, a club, the gym, the office, a ...


    How To Tell If She’s Single

    img Posted April 20, 2018

    Learning the unspoken behaviors Women are smart—much smarter than us it seems to me. This is especially the case in the realm of practical human engagement. They have to be. They ...


    Why You Are So Hot For Your Ex

    img Posted April 19, 2018

                                                                 Understanding the feelings that are driving you You may not have seen her for some time. ...


    Dating The Bookish Girl

    img Posted April 13, 2018

    Advice on how to approach and date an intellectual woman Sexiness comes in a variety of forms. The hottest girl in the room need not be the most sociable and charismatic: she need ...


    Is She Friends With Her Ex?

    img Posted April 12, 2018

                                                                  Tips on how to deal with the other man in her life Dating a girl who has remained frien ...


    How To Make Her More Sexually Adventurous

    img Posted April 6, 2018

                                                                  Unleashing her inner freak Do not be fooled by the appearance of wholesomeness and conv ...


    How To Date A Mean Girl

    img Posted April 5, 2018

                                                                     What it takes to tame the shrew You cannot help who you’re attracted to. You’r ...

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