Free Course: Eliminate Your Inner “Nice Guy” and Pass Girl’s Secret Tests

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    Call Her Little

    One of the things I\'ve noticed that all guys who are successful with women do is call them little. Little girl, little one, little princess, whatever. But the idea of co ...


    Escalating On High Points

    I know I\'m ready for this week to be over with that\'s for sure! I wanted to write a more big picture post today about escalation, it\'s not going to be heavy on tactics an ...


    “Fools Mate” The Most Low Self Esteem Idea EVER

    I was reading through some psych research this week, and in reading about people with co-dependent personalities I found some really interesting ideas that could be applied to ...


    Semi-Advanced Post: Attraction is Highest the First Time

    Here\'s one of my big new ideas, about escalation and emotions. Once you\'re good enough at this stuff that you get laid on a regular basis (say 10 new lays a year) then it ...


    Re-Visiting Sticking Points

    I\'m in the middle of moving and waiting for furniture so I figured I\'d write out a quick blog post. I feel like I\'ve definitely written blogs while waiting for furniture ...


    Sticking Point #15 Getting To Average

    There were a few questions about this sticking point in the comments, so I figured I\'d start by taking a look at getting to average. This is actually one of the first stick ...

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