How to Turn a Female Friend into Your Girlfriend- Part 1 (day 26)

This is the 26th day of our 31 Days to Better Game series. Our last lesson was called “Being the Fearless Bad Boy Women Want” and that lesson will carry over a bit into today’s lesson. In fact, every lesson that you’ve learned up until this point will carry over into this this lesson.

This lesson is all about how to turn one of your female friends into your girlfriend, lover, or fuck buddy. Although this lesson will give you a clear plan of action for working over a current friend… you need to take everything you learned about body language, kino, being the bad boy, building sexual tension, text game, myspace game, teasing, and flirting and apply it more specifically to this one girl.

This lesson is extremely advanced and detailed so I’ve decided to break it into two parts.

I will warn you… before you decide to take a girl that you’re currently friends with and turn it into something else, decide if that is what you really truly want. There is no going back, and I can tell you from experience, lovers and fuck buddies are a lot easier to find than good female friends.

day 26

How to Turn a Female Friend into Your Girlfriend (Part 1)by Bobby Rio

For the sake of this lesson I am going to make a couple assumptions. First, I am gong to assume that the female friend you’re interested in has firmly placed you in the friend zone. I will also assume that you are actually friends with her and not just an acquaintance. This means you spend a reasonable amount of time with her, and communicate often through phone, texts, or Myspace/Facebook.

Bobby’s Step by Step Plan

The first thing that you need to do is effectively disappear from your friend’s life. This means cut off phone calls, text messages, emails, and visits.

This is to be done without making her feel like you’re mad at her. The whole goal is to make her wonder what is going on in your life that you no longer have time for her. When she contacts you… don’t answer the phone call, text or email immediately. Wait a day or two before getting back to her. When you do talk to her be pleasant, but brief and vague.

You should spend at least one month apart. The better friends you are with this girl, the longer this process should go on. What you are doing here is confusing her, and the confusion will cause her to spend more time thinking about you.

Her simply missing you will not be enough to stir up immense attraction for you. While you’re gone you also need to arouse some jealously on her part. Although you will be vague, you should always be implying that really great things are going on in your life. This is a fine line that you have to be careful as you walk. She can never feel like you’re bragging, trying to make her jealous, or lying… The whole attitude should be that really great things are going on in your life… but you’re holding back from telling her because you don’t want to make her feel bad. Vagueness is the key to this part.

Now you need to amplify the jealousy and confusion. A great way to do this is to call her and ask her to hang out. Assuming enough time has gone, she will be relieved that you finally called… and her jealousy and confusion will dwindle… Just when she thinks things are going back to the status quo.. cancel the plans with her. When you cancel don’t schedule a new date. Once again, be vague.

In the meantime, another great way to create jealousy is to take advantage of social networking sites. Assuming that the both of you are active on at least one social networking site like Myspace or Facebook, you can bet she will be checking out your profile to see what’s going on in your life. It is important that you change up your profile a bit, add some new cool pics (preferably with some hot girls.) To go even further I would recommend getting a bunch of attractive girls to leave comments on your page. Race and Kelly give a great excellent way to go about getting these comments.

The entire time that you’re away from her you need to be working on yourself.

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