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    You Are What You Wear!

    img Posted August 29, 2011

    They want to keep it a secret yet it is a secret no longer: [caption id=\"attachment_28961\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"202\" caption=\"It is important what you wear\"][/capti ...


    Goody Two Shoes

    img Posted August 22, 2011

    Are you one of those guys who cannot understand why your girlfriend might need an extra wardrobe for her shoes? How she could possibly go out and spend half her monthly wage on a n ...


    Dressing for a Big Deal!

    img Posted August 16, 2011

    For most men it doesn?t happen often, yet when an invitation to a formal event graces your mailbox it can make even the toughest guys knees shake. How often have you cursed the fac ...


    Suit Yourself!

    img Posted August 11, 2011

    Hate them or love them. If you belong to the half of humanity that sports xy chromosomes you won?t get around wearing them at least occasionally: Suits! Given that you can?t bea ...


    Jeans to Spread your Genes

    img Posted August 2, 2011

    Or At least Get Lots of Opportunity to Do So They are the undead, the immortals, the one thing with everlasting life in the fashion realm: Jeans. [caption id=\"attachment_28408 ...


    The Average-Guy-Pulling-Sexy-Chick Guide to Dressing, Part 2

    img Posted July 18, 2011

    Read Part One here. Packaging sucks us all in. Have you ever wondered why companies spend fortunes on wrapping their products in expensive glossy boxes? Why the shell is w ...

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