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How to Get Girls


By: Bobby Rio

How to Get Laid

Get her off

In this article you’re going to learn how to get girls to like you. ?And more importantly, how to get laid.

There?s a ton of advice out there for guys who are not good at getting girls and want to incrase their chances ? but how much of it is accurate? How much of it is good? How much of it is right? How much of it explains how to get laid?

If one way of doing things was the best way of doing things, wouldn?t there be less chaff and ridiculousness that you have to weed through in order to get to the good stuff?

You want to learn how to get girls ? all men do. Fortunately, it?s a learnable skill, despite what you might?ve been told. You?re not born with it ? you get it through years of socializing, correcting bad habits, and being an all around good guy. How do you do that? Take a walk with me down the hall as we examine the characteristics that make it easier for guys to get girls.

How to Get Girls to Like You (And how to get laid)

1. ?Be high-value.

Why is it that you see all these models walking around with basketball players, billionaires, and other types of celebrities that we traditionally view as high-value people? Because they actually are high-value. There?s an old Chris Rock routine that money can change a comb-over into a ?part? ? but it?s only because women are traditionally wired to seek after the type of people who?d be able to provide for them.

While some people view being rich and famous as high-value, and it is, the entire point of tomes like ?The Game? were to demonstrate that in a few simple social constructions, you can make yourself appear high-value as well. Like teaching her something about herself. Being able to be a social connector that helps them get what they want, or just being the type of guy that she?s after ? all counts as value in her eyes. How easy do you think it is for Jason Statham to pick up women? Does he worry about how to get girls? Probably not. For him, it?s pretty easy. Be a social Jason Statham. ?This requires knowing how to talk to girls.

#1 Way to Appear “High Value” to a Girl

2. ?Be socially calibrated.

The biggest thing that people outside of the pick-up community have going for them is that they don?t need a bunch of tricks or little games to play with people to demonstrate social calibration. Hell, even the ?master PUAs? usually have a background in activities that are demanding of people to know what the right response is under social pressure ? so there?s a simple way to gain this kind of calibration. Go out a lot. Go out so much that it becomes part of your life, and you can?t imagine a time where you ever didn?t go out and talk to new people.

While you?re doing this, assess what?s going right and what?s going wrong ? if something doesn?t work for you, change it up. If something goes right for you keep doing it. The biggest thing that men are bad with women should do is get good with everybody ? if you can get a large group of friends, you can usually get girls.

3. ?Don?t be nervous around women you perceive as high value.

This is the biggest one that guys have trouble with. Just because they see an attractive women, they automatically assume that they have nothing to offer them, weed themselves out of the possible pool of suitors and don?t talk to them. That is a foolish thing to do.

Just because a woman is beautiful doesn?t mean you need to be intimidated by her or think that she?s above you ? you know how many beautiful girls are value-sucking and terrible? You know how many women just drain resources from people, even though they?re beautiful? You know how many are fun blankets? You?re the prize. You?re screening them, and if you can?t make them believe that you?re the prize ? you?re doing game incorrectly. Fix that. Men usually talk to women very comfortably if they?re not interested in them, so all you have to do is look like you?re not interested, and the interaction will go much more smoothly than you think. ?This will also help you find a girlfriend.

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4. ?Be the best version of yourself you can be.

At a certain point, everyone has realized that they have something more to learn in the world, and went about trying to improve themselves ? it?s why self-help books are so popular, it?s an attitude that?s pervasive amongst type-A personalities, and the mark of someone who?s motivated. Guess what? Motivation is sexy. Bettering yourself over a period of time is sexy. Not being the same person you were a year ago two years from now is an incredibly attractive thing ? and just by having the motivation to look for the information to get better, you?re already setting yourself apart from the pack. ?This is covered in our article how to get a girl to like you.

Getting girls is easy. Getting the type of life that is conducive to getting girls is much, much harder. Now that you understand a little bit about how to get girls, I hope you?ll put it into action and come out a better man. ?Now you also know how to get laid.

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