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    Three Main Ways Facebook Can Help You Score

    img Posted February 19, 2009

    Picking Up Women on Facebook ‘ve got to know a lot of guys who have absolutely no association with social media outlets like Myspace and Facebook because they think it’ ...


    Use This Technique To Flirt With College Girls

    img Posted February 2, 2009

    Gaming College Girls Ok, so first off, the “technique”. Now, you know that I’m a firm believer that the rock-solid fundamentals of game are not in the techniques, ...


    Joining a Frat in College: The Pros and Cons

    img Posted January 13, 2009

    Just today I received an email from a reader asking whether or not I advised joining a fraternity in college. I’ve received quite a few emails with the same question, so I fi ...


    What Kanye West Can Teach You

    img Posted December 15, 2008

    I want you to go watch this Kanye West video. Pay close attention to the tone, delivery, body language, and general over all feel that Kanye West delivers in this video. J2x1q_K1Ba ...


    How a Fool Stunt Made Me a Hot Commodity

    img Posted December 12, 2008

    How a Fool Stunt Made Me a Hot Commodity In one night, with a few simple words, my entire image was completely transformed to an entire sorority of girls. Yes, some nights magical ...


    Who’s Nailing Who

    img Posted December 3, 2008

    I’ve got a quick question for you. Who’s nailing who? Are you nailing the world or is the world nailing you? “Mark, you’re out of your mind, what the hell a ...


    Greatest College Pranks

    img Posted November 24, 2008

    Having been involved with many great college pranks… even one that eventually lead to my fraternity losing its charter, getting thrown off campus, and being featured on prime ...


    The Leader

    img Posted November 20, 2008

    Listen man… There’s a difference between the guy who jumps around acting drunk all night and the guy who ends up between the sheets with the hot girl from the volleybal ...


    3 Things Every Man Should Do Before Turning 25

    img Posted November 19, 2008

    Last year while feeling a bit depressed over what the future had in store, I created a list of 100 things that I wanted to do before I died. I wanted to create a list that would in ...


    The College Experience

    img Posted November 17, 2008

    How to Score College Girls Some people are going to read this, get angry and send me hate mail. But it’s the truth. So I’m going to put it out there for you. In the rea ...

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