Free Course: Eliminate Your Inner “Nice Guy” and Pass Girl’s Secret Tests


    The Five Stages of the College Breakup

    Breaking up with someone is sort of like putting a pet to sleep, in that everyone finds it funny but you. Back in college, I remember after a break up, one of my \"bros\" watched ...


    Don’t be the Office Hero, Take a Vacation for God Sakes

    Far too many people are allotted a certain amount of paid vacation time each year and never end up taking all of it – some people don’t take any of it at all.  There are a num ...


    P.O.W – List Edition

    There seems to be a big move in other websites rocking top lists.... Here are some of the ballsier ones I\'ve come across lately: Top 19 Hottest Newscasters in America Top S ...


    Rad Art: Cult Film Family Portraits

    There?s nothing creepier than the ol? family portrait. For whatever reason, the thought of sitting down the entire family, having them stare off into space while some artist tries ...


    Do some things never change?

    I am beginning to think that I never will. I mean sure, over the years I have made more money and gotten better looking; but fundamentally I am still the same person I was in my ad ...


    Five Steps to Telling an Entertaining Story

    Whether the audience is a boisterous horde of buddies perched over a pub table or a blind date seated across from you at a candlelit Italian trattoria, telling a story is the most ...

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