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    How To Handle A Crush

    Somehow, in this fast-paced, ?hook up? culture fuelled modern world, you might actually find yourself with a crush. It sounds a little old-school, I know. Like something you ...


    Are You Destroying Your Own Game?

    The biggest obstacle to getting girls is you. If you?re exhibiting any of these bad behaviors or mindsets, it could be what?s killing your game.   You have a bad se ...


    What To Do When You Didn’t Get Her Number

    How To Recover And Complete Your Pursuit Successfully Sometimes, you just didn?t get her number. Maybe the moment never arose, maybe your friends were always hanging around and ...


    5 Steps To Getting Better Matches On Tinder

    If you?re single and not on Tinder, you should be. In fact, I would submit that in 2015, you have to be. Tinder is so popular and so widely used, that you could be missing out ...


    How To Defeat The Hunger

    The Hunger is that feeling you get when you go out, and feel like you absolutely must take a girl home that night. Maybe you?ve been in something of a slump or maybe you?re ...


    How To Deal With The Midnight Scramble

    ?What the hell is the Midnight Scramble?? The Midnight Scramble is that (not so) golden hour at a bar, club or party when guys start going all out in a desperate, last-ditch eff ...