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    When Her Friends Hate You

    img Posted October 1, 2012

    You’re just asking for trouble if her friends don’t like you. When everything is wonderful with the woman you’re seeing, but her friends can’t stand you, there are difficul ...



    img Posted September 28, 2012

    Cardigans are not just for old people. The perfect stylish solution for when it’s too hot for a jumper but too cold to go without, cardigans bring a touch of individuality to any ...


    When She Thinks You’re a Player

    img Posted September 24, 2012

    You’re going to have some problems if the woman you’re seeing knows that you’re a player. It may even be what attracted her to you in the first place. Women are attracted to ...


    Learn from the Masters: Male Style Icons to Be Inspired By

    img Posted September 21, 2012

    These four men are more than just celebrities. While they were all thrust into the public eye for their various talents, they are now all acclaimed for their meticulous styling. Th ...


    When She Doesn’t Want to Be in a Relationship

    img Posted September 17, 2012

    You’ve been dating for a while and want to make your relationship official. The only problem? She’s not so keen. But aren’t women meant to like relationships? Romantic movies ...


    Clothes That Should be Left in Your Childhood

    img Posted September 14, 2012

    You may have fond memories of your rough-and-tumble clothes, but if you’re still wearing them as an adult it’s time to say goodbye to them. Here are a few items in particular w ...


    What She Thinks of Your Female Friends

    img Posted September 12, 2012

    Women can be insecure creatures- even though we don’t show it at first. You can bet that if you have close female friends, your girlfriend is speculating about what might be goin ...


    Casual Shoes Guide

    img Posted September 7, 2012

    Casual is not a euphemism for looking bad. It’s simple to select the right shoes when you’re dressing up, but are you missing the mark completely when it comes to dressing casu ...


    What You Need At Your House for Her to Stay

    img Posted September 4, 2012

    You can’t expect her to want to stay over if your place looks like a rubbish dump. You don’t have to live in a sparkling palace, but there are a few basic requirements you need ...


    Can Men Wear Animal Print?

    img Posted August 31, 2012

    Women seem to have a monopoly on animal print- don’t let them have all the fun. Straight men can wear leopard print, but it takes skill to do it well. Keep it in small doses A st ...

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