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    Hottest new men’s sneakers of 2016

    img Posted April 29, 2016

    [caption id=\"attachment_55680\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] [/caption] New sneakers with street cred Sneakers are an ever-growing trend, but it can be hard to keep trac ...


    Three new dating apps to try right now

    img Posted April 25, 2016

    [caption id=\"attachment_55627\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] Meeting women online is no longer as simple as swiping right.[/caption] Why you should get off Tinder and get ...


    Swag versus style

    img Posted April 22, 2016

    [caption id=\"attachment_55611\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] [/caption] Is it true that swag is for boys and style is for men? When you put together a fashionable outfit ...


    The rules for asking out your friend

    img Posted April 18, 2016

    [caption id=\"attachment_55565\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] Asking out a female friend is a delicate operation.[/caption] How to maximise your chances of jumping out of ...


    What to consider before getting a tattoo

    img Posted April 15, 2016

    [caption id=\"attachment_55536\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] [/caption] The most painful part of getting a tattoo is the regret You need to think very carefully before g ...


    What is “ghosting” and why does she do it?

    img Posted April 11, 2016

    [caption id=\"attachment_55490\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] [/caption] When she pulls a vanishing act instead of dumping you In dating terminology, ?ghosting? is when t ...

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