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    How to dodge the second date

    [caption id=\"attachment_55057\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] [/caption] Turning her down after a bad first date A first date is all about getting to know the other perso ...


    How to travel in style

    [caption id=\"attachment_55045\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] [/caption] A man?s guide to looking first class (even if you?re in economy) Travelling by plane used to be s ...


    Flirting techniques that leave woman confused and uninterested

    [caption id=\"attachment_54975\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] [/caption] Bad flirting tips that make her think you?re not into her Flirting is an art. You need to piq ...


    Yeezy Season 3 Recap

    [caption id=\"attachment_54962\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] This is not from Yeezy Season 3, but it may as well be.[/caption] The Lowdown on Kanye West?s Latest Fashion ...


    Tinder profile ‘red flags’ to swipe left on

    [caption id=\"attachment_54916\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] Swipe left on any profile containing the words \"If you can\'t handle me at my worst...\"[/caption] Women t ...


    What to wear for a movie date

    [caption id=\"attachment_54899\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] [/caption] Does your outfit matter if you?re sitting in the dark? Your outfit is always a matter of impo ...