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    What you need to know about Russell Westbrook’s clothing line

    img Posted November 6, 2015

    [caption id=\"attachment_53846\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] [/caption] Fill your basket with these stylish pieces Famous basketballer Russell Westbrook has tried his ha ...


    How to read her body language

    img Posted November 2, 2015

    [caption id=\"attachment_53806\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] [/caption] How to tell she is interested by simply looking at her Reading a woman?s body language as you int ...


    How to wear activewear casually

    img Posted October 30, 2015

    [caption id=\"attachment_53788\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"600\"] The \"athleisure\" trend combines sportswear with snappy dressing.[/caption] Keep your sense of style active ...


    Should you date your co-worker?

    img Posted October 25, 2015

    [caption id=\"attachment_53733\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] [/caption] Don?t dip your pen in the company ink An office romance is bound to happen at some point. You are ...


    The clothing questions you are too embarrassed to ask

    img Posted October 23, 2015

    [caption id=\"attachment_53724\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] [/caption] What you need to know but did not want to ask From sweat to socks to dressing left or right, thes ...


    How to tell if she is single

    img Posted October 19, 2015

    [caption id=\"attachment_53667\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] [/caption] Does she have a boyfriend? Before you get too invested in your flirtations, you need to find out ...

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