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    The non-sneakerhead guide to Air Jordans

    img Posted January 22, 2016

    [caption id=\"attachment_54645\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"600\"] [/caption] How to get Js without paying thousands on eBay What are Jordans? In case you have been living ...


    How to transition your internet relationship to real life

    img Posted January 18, 2016

    [caption id=\"attachment_54568\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] [/caption] How to Escape from Email Ping Pong The internet brings a great many opportunities for meeting peo ...


    What should you do about greying hair?

    img Posted January 15, 2016

    [caption id=\"attachment_54548\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] [/caption] How to choose between dyeing your greys or leaving it natural Grey hair is almost a certainty, if ...


    When she tries to set you up with her friends

    img Posted January 11, 2016

    [caption id=\"attachment_54514\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"755\"] \"You\'re such a good guy, you would be perfect for my friend...\"[/caption] What does it mean when your crus ...


    How your clothing affects your posture

    img Posted January 8, 2016

    [caption id=\"attachment_54466\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] Ill-fitting clothes can cause you to hunch or change your gait.[/caption] Your style can make you slouch or s ...


    When should you set up the second date?

    img Posted January 4, 2016

    [caption id=\"attachment_54425\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"640\"] 9[/caption] Should you make her wait to hear from you after the first date? Your first date was a success, b ...

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