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How to Get Women

Tips for How to Get Women

You might be all rearing to go, realizing your life needs to turn a corner, you need to make a change, and all those other too-common platitudes that people use to sell you self-help books. But at a certain point, you might?ve noticed that things can?t keep going the way that they are going. You want to go out and actively make changes, but have no idea how to do it.

We at TSB Mag can help you. We can help you learn how to get women. That?s why we?re one of the internet?s biggest resources on how to do just that. How you can get women. Again, like anything in life, there are more guidelines as to what to realize and do than rules on what you absolutely cannot do. They are as follows.

5 Steps to Get More Women

1. Realize women want to be gotten.

Every bit of society is screaming at a woman that relationships and sexuality are healthy things that they want to have with the right people. With the right people being the operative qualifier in that sentence. The mouth-breathing creep that they meet in the bar isn?t necessarily the right person for them. The people who are the best at getting women, unsurprisingly, are the ones who know what qualities women find attractive and emulate those qualities themselves. But as long as you know that people are in fact looking to meet each other, the pressure to perform is off of you.

2. Realize what women find attractive.

Unsurprisingly, the same things that women find attractive in a man are the same things you find attractive in a woman. Independence, being well put-together, good looks, passion, ambition, these are universal things that everyone can latch onto and support, regardless of gender. Whoever tells you that looks don?t matter is trying to sell you something?namely some kind of dating product. Looks matter to the type of people who believe that looks matter ? shallow, attractive women. If you want to attract those, it might behoove you to make yourself the kind of person that can attract them. Basically, different types of people like other types of people. Golddiggers like rich dudes, artsy people go for other artsy people, people who enjoy structure go for men in uniform. Half the battle people who get into PUA go through is realizing what they thought people found attractive, they don?t, really. Emotional connections are attractive.? (article:? How to Attract Women)

How to Talk to Women

3. Realize where you can find the women you find attractive.

A lot of companies tend to bring the people that pay them money for bootcamps out to the most terrible bars in a given city to try to help them attract the women that they?re after ? only the bars are filled with the most crusty skanks that you can imagine. If you?re having trouble opening women and having a conversation, going to a loud club that?s packed filled with models is going to be intimidating ? going to a place that?s quieter where you can get more familiar with talking would be a better idea. Also, unless you want to be that guy who can seduce every woman in the world to fill whatever gaping hole gave you the push to do that ? you probably should direct your search to only the people you find interesting and attractive. Find out where they hang out in your city and go to that spot.? (article:? Where to Meet Women)

4. Learn the basics of cold approaching.

If you don?t know someone, you?re never going to get to know them unless you have the wherewithal to walk up to them, bond with them based off of something, and get their contact details. Every pick-up school, methodology, or whatever you want to call it, has different ways of doing it. They?re all basically the same, though, advocating that you go up, prove that you?re worth talking to, give an impression that you?re not going to waste their time, stimulate their emotions, and try to bond with them. Then try to build the beginnings of a physical connection. Every situation you will be in with a woman you like, that pattern will keep happening.? (article:? How to Approach Women)

5. Know where you are in the interaction.

If someone?s at the point where they want to leave with you, where you can get physical in a different space ? know it. The biggest problem guys have who are capable of getting women is that they?re unable to recognize the signals of where they?re at in any given interaction. Having a bit of background experience is the biggest thing that separates people from being slightly good to being really goot with women. (article:? How to tell if a woman likes you)

Avoid These Mistake When Learning How to Get Women

Follow these simple guidelines, make sure that social interaction is something that you practice enough to keep yourself in the loop of how to get women.

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