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    Does She Has a Back-up Boyfriend?

    img Posted September 30, 2013

    He?s the guy she always goes to when she?s having problems with you. She confides all her problems in him, but insists to you that he?s just a friend. The line between ?just a frie ...


    How To Succeed At Day Game

    img Posted September 24, 2013

    I?ve been doing a lot of day-game recently, simply because I wanted a change from the whole nigh-game thing. Amongst other things, I?ve noticed that the whole point of a day-game r ...


    How to Ask Her on a Date

    img Posted September 16, 2013

    Even if she?s interested in you, you can easily mess up your chances when you get to that last step of actually asking her out. Here are some ground rules for asking a woman on a d ...


    The Four Dates That Most Women Don’t Want to Be Taken On

    img Posted September 9, 2013

    Some of the most popular first date ideas are the ones that all women hate. Your first few dates need to be romantic, tasteful and not unbearable. The following ideas should never ...


    Must-Read: How to Be a Wingman

    img Posted September 6, 2013

    As anyone who has ever ventured out into the wide world of dating, there is nothing more important to a guy out on the prowl that a good wingman to cover his back. And that’s ...


    6 Good Reasons To Get Off Online Dating

    img Posted September 4, 2013

    I?ve been a proponent of having good online dating skills for a long time and most of the chicks I?ve banged this year came through online dating. That just changed. I scored a kic ...


    Cancer of Hope: The Cautionary Tale of Andy

    img Posted September 4, 2013

    Are you ?hoping? for things in your lovelife? Hoping to: ? Get a date? ? Get laid? ? Get a girlfriend? If that?s you, then I have some pretty shocking advice for you: STOP! Yup, I ...


    Dating Multiple Girls: The Rules

    img Posted August 30, 2013

    Modern dating is so much different from ?traditional dating? that it?s almost unrecognizable. Almost like how everyone one day decided to start shaving off pubic hair, the rulebook ...


    A Stealth Strategy to Deal with the Boyfriend Objection

    img Posted August 29, 2013

    If you?re anything like me you want to get the extremely hot girls.? I mean 9?s or above. The ?problem? is these girls are ALMOST NEVER single.?Even when they are, it won?t be for ...


    What Can Game of Thrones Teach Us About Relationships?

    img Posted August 28, 2013

    I?m massively addicted to Game of Thrones (GoT) and I think it?s one of the best written, produced, and acted shows on television. It doesn?t hurt that it?s epic fantasy, one of my ...

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