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    Stealing the Girl

    img Posted January 28, 2013

    Capitalize on other guys? mistakes. When you see a woman at the bar being hounded by a guy that?s clearly being too pushy with her, you can swoop in on the situation and emerge the ...


    Easy Conversation Topics for a Dinner Date

    img Posted January 21, 2013

    You?ve scored a date, but the hard part is only just beginning. Especially if it?s a first date and you don?t know her that well, it can be hard to find common ground. Here are a f ...


    Bad Habits that are Keeping You from Meeting New Women

    img Posted January 9, 2013

    You probably don?t need me to point out that you have habits that are cockblocking you. Obviously those runs to McDonalds and hours in front of the Xbox aren?t helping your chances ...


    Must-Read: Ending a First Date

    img Posted January 4, 2013

    First dates are, simultaneously, some of the worst and best times you’re going to have. When things are clicking and you’re on the same page with one another, it is tru ...


    How to Make Her Feel Smart

    img Posted December 17, 2012

    Hot women know they?re attractive. You reminding her of that will make you just like every other guy that?s approached her. Many good looking women want to feel appreciated for som ...


    Why What You Say Doesn’t Matter

    img Posted December 5, 2012

    I can yell ?it doesn?t matter what you say? from a the top of a mountain every day for the rest of my life, but it still won?t do much good to overcome the monumental cultural focu ...


    When She Never Texts Back

    img Posted November 19, 2012

    You?ve worked up the courage to send her a suggestive text, only for the worst possible outcome to come true: she never replies. Is the situation as dire as it looks? She might be ...


    When She’s Obsessed with You

    img Posted November 12, 2012

    Work out the early signs that she?s controlling and you?ll be able to nip those behaviors in the bud, or at least know to escape before she starts stalking you. Are you overreactin ...


    3 Tips To Stop Getting Flaked On

    img Posted October 29, 2012

    Have you ever made plans with a girl who you were really excited to hang out with and then a half our before your date she calls or sends a text with some lame excuse for why she c ...


    Using Flirtatious Suspicion To Attract Her

    img Posted October 11, 2012

    Today I want to share a cool way to flirt with women that helps them to feel comfortable around you and can quickly create high level of sexual tension. This is a flirting method y ...

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