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    3 Tips To Stop Getting Flaked On

    img Posted October 29, 2012

    Have you ever made plans with a girl who you were really excited to hang out with and then a half our before your date she calls or sends a text with some lame excuse for why she c ...


    When She’s Negative

    img Posted October 8, 2012

    Being with a pessimist is no fun. It?s exhausting to be with someone who only sees the downside to things. Luckily, the warning signs are there from that first interaction, so you ...


    What to Do at the End of the First Date

    img Posted August 29, 2012

    End of Date Move Guaranteed to Leave Her Wanting More The New York dating scene is crazy. ?I\'ve learned a lot from six years of dating some of the most beautiful girls in the c ...


    Must-Read: Things Not To Say To The Ladies

    img Posted August 10, 2012

    [caption id=\"attachment_34746\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"350\" caption=\"Don't do it!\"][/caption] We spend a decent of time here telling you what to say to girls, how ...


    Why Women Don’t Have “All The Power” When It Comes To Dating

    img Posted July 30, 2012

    Why Men Have the Power in Dating One thing I hear a lot of guys say about the dating game is that \"women have all the power\". This is a common refrain amongst guys who have be ...


    Don’t Chase Girls, BAIT Them

    img Posted June 26, 2012

    A Proven Technique To Get Her To Chase You This is a big, big topic for getting girls to chase. Chasing happens when you were putting more time, effort, and energy into the inte ...

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