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    Lifestyle Design: 5 Steps to Doing What You Want

    img Posted May 7, 2013

    Recently someone asked I write an article becoming an entrepreneur and living the life you really want. Not the life where you mostly hate you job, ignore your passions for more ?p ...


    The Rules for Going Back to Her Place

    img Posted May 6, 2013

    It?s far easier to bring a girl to your place than it is to go to hers. You already feel comfortable in your own home and probably have a game plan in mind once you get her through ...


    4 Things You Need To Know About Women

    img Posted May 3, 2013

    I went out to see a movie recently with a good friend of mine, Jeff. The movie – “Side Effects” – turned out to be a pretty decent crime?drama, where the we ...


    A Big Factor To Determine If You Should Keep A Girlfriend

    img Posted May 2, 2013

    I?ve noticed an interesting phenomenon as I’ve navigated relationships in my 30’s. A women?s social circle has become much more important to the success of my relations ...


    Dealing with Sharp, Quick-Witted Women

    img Posted May 1, 2013

    One of the coolest parts about being in the business I?m in is that I?ve made lifelong friends with other dating and relationship guru types who I collaborate with. Even though we ...


    Offensive Questions You Shouldn’t Ask on a First Date

    img Posted April 29, 2013

    There are some questions which you just can?t ask on dates. You may not have the intention to offend- you may think you are being considerate, funny or just making conversation- bu ...


    Must-Read: Ideas to Get Her in the Mood

    img Posted April 19, 2013

    In his latest comedy special on HBO — which, make sure to watch it however you can, because it’s certainly worthwhile — Louis C.K. talks a bit about The Big Momen ...


    Should You Date An Ugly Chick?

    img Posted April 18, 2013

    I?ll be the first to admit, I?ve nailed and even dated plenty of less-than-attractive women in my time. Sometimes you get hammered at the bars and that 5 turns into a 7, aka you ge ...


    What She Wants the Morning After

    img Posted April 15, 2013

    You?ve been lucky enough to get her to come home with you, but the next morning can be horribly awkward if you don?t handle it right. No woman wants to feel like you don?t care abo ...


    How To Work The Club – A Player’s Guide

    img Posted April 9, 2013

    I haven?t done a ?how to work the club? article in a very long time. Actually, I looked back on what I believed to be my last ?club? article and it turns out it was more about the ...

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