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    Best cities for online dating

    img Posted December 24, 2014

    It performed slightly above average in a major city that didn?t make Match?s list. It wasn?t the only pacific-northwest city that responded well. San Francisco: 31/100. A good, not ...


    How To Get Good At Game, Fast.

    img Posted December 19, 2014

      5. Practice, practice, practice. Did I mention, practice? Get out there and do it. Fail a couple times. It?s like a video game, failing is kind of part of the fun, and you n ...


    Quick tips for reading her body language

    img Posted December 9, 2014

      Reading someone?s facial expression isn?t as easy as you?d think, because the face is easy to manipulate. It’s easy to force a smile when you’re feeling sad, for ...


    3 Attraction Hacks You Can Use Tonight

    img Posted November 25, 2014

    There?s a lot of talk in the PUA community about being an ?alpha male?, but not too many people know the evolutionary science behind why women are attracted to that type of man. In ...


    Why ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Negatively Influences Society

    img Posted November 11, 2014

    The men are always shown acting?awkward and uncomfortable as they meet the women,?but the women?find them so adorable that they end up carrying the interactions. But in real life, ...