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About David DeAngelo David DeAngelo is the author of Double Your Dating, and the creator of programs like Advanced Dating Techniques. He has spent the last 15 years educating men on how to improve their dating life, self confidence, and inner game.  You can read 22 of his David DeAngelo's best articles here.


    4 Traits Of A “Cool” Guy

    img Posted February 2, 2009

    David D’s material may seem a little basic for guys who have been in the game for a long time, but no one covers the fundamentals in a more practical, easy to understand way ...


    Can You Program Yourself to Meet Women

    img Posted November 30, 2006

    Here is a good DeAngelo post that follows the theme of the last few days on building inner game. David’s great E-book Double Your Dating lays a great foundation for improving ...


    Does it Scare You to Approach Women

    img Posted November 24, 2006

    Here is a good article on approaching women from David DeAngelo. If you want to learn more about his ebook check out the reviews here. Are You Scared to Talk to Girls by David DeAn ...


    How You Should Act on a First Date

    img Posted November 17, 2006

    Below is a David DeAngelo newsletter I might have posted before but I came across it recently and felt it was worth reposting. This is a great newsletter for all those guys who hat ...


    What Turns Women ON

    img Posted November 15, 2006

    Here is a good read from David DeAngelo. David puts a lot of good information into these newsletters, all you have to do is sort through the filler product plugs. Which I do for yo ...


    How to Do Better With Women

    img Posted November 10, 2006

    David DeAngelo sent out this informative and motivational newsletter that I thought I would post. David’s stuff is great for reinforcement of what you may already know… ...


    How To “Read” A Woman’s Words And Body Language

    img Posted October 31, 2006

    Here is an excellent post from David DeAngelo. Body Language tells a lot more than what she is saying verabally most of the time and it really helps when you get good at reading th ...


    How To Get Past A Woman’s “Defenses”

    img Posted October 20, 2006

    Below is a long but interesting David DeAngelo article about getting through women’s defenses. I don’t usually post a lot from David because I feel often he is more int ...


    How to Control Your Emotions Around Women

    img Posted October 11, 2006

    This is an article from David DeAngelo. It is all about the idea of maintaining composure around women. This is so important because women really judge you on your ability to appea ...


    How Guys Screw up First Dates

    img Posted September 18, 2006

    Here is a good David DeAngelo email about first date situations. Having recently experimented in online dating this is a good reminder of how to maintain the control on the date. H ...

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