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    When to Go for the Kiss

    img Posted November 5, 2018

    Take Your Shot With Confidence and Seal The Deal Whenever you?re on a date There is always that pressure as to whether it is a good time or not to make your move and go in for t ...


    How to Turn Her on With Your Body Language

    img Posted November 5, 2018

    Make Her Want You Without Saying a Word Women can seem like complicated creatures, but it becomes a lot simpler if you have the right tools. If you?ve ever been out with a gi ...


    !!STOP CHASING WOMEN!!…Make Them Chase You

    img Posted October 23, 2018

    How to Make the Woman do All the Work on the Date It seems like now a days if you?re not a rich celebrity and you want to get a girl, then you?as the man? are going to be doing ...


    Two Huge Reasons Why You Landed in the Friendzone

    img Posted October 16, 2018

    Why Fanboys get Friendzoned and How to Avoid the Trap Alright let?s cut through the fluffy intro and get straight to the shit you need.? We?ve all been ?friendzoned? and it blow ...


    Never Get Dissed by a Girl Again

    img Posted October 8, 2018

    How to Pass Her Shit Test Like a Boss Let?s face it, we all have certain things about ourselves that make us feel nervous about approaching women. We?ve got little dicks, ugl ...


    How Nice Guys Can Pull the Naughty Girls

    img Posted October 1, 2018

    Attract Girls Like the Bad Boys While Still Being the \"Nice Guy\"   Have you ever known a really hot girl and the guys she?s attracted to just seem like douchebags?? I? ...

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