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    How Watching Porn Gets You Laid…Or Doesn’t (Part 2)

    img Posted December 31, 2018

    How I Used Porn To Have Amazing Sex and a Threesome OK so if you didn?t read part one this two-part series then GO READ IT NOW! It is very easy to walk into the minefield ins ...


    Blow Her Mind on the First Date

    img Posted December 28, 2018

    The Date That Will Seal the Deal Isn\'t What You Think The first date will either make or break you? Either you?re going to knock it out of the park and make a lasting impres ...


    Do You Want to be an Alpha Male or a Beta?

    img Posted December 17, 2018

    Women Can Tell The Difference...Can You? Let?s get real for a second? Who doesn?t want to be an alpha male? The alpha male archetype is personified in pretty much every mo ...


    How to Pull Your Old High School Crush

    img Posted December 4, 2018

    Rock Her World With a Blast From the Past I?m sure we all had that girl back in high school or college that we had a crush on? We probably did an excellent job of never confe ...


    The Secret to Meeting College Girls

    img Posted December 3, 2018

    How to Get Girls From the Dining Hall to Your Dorm Room College is a pretty amazing place? I often reminisce on those days? All the beautiful girls? ?Football games? ...


    Leave Your Ex Wishing She Still Had You

    img Posted November 21, 2018

    How to Rebound from Your Ex After the Breakup LIKE A DAMN BOSS. Breakups suck? Go ahead?Argue with me? Maybe we were the one who dumped her? Maybe she cheated on us and ...

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