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    Must-Read: The Importance of Smell

    img Posted December 24, 2012

    We’re going to keep things relatively light here today, for obvious reasons. (Although come back in a bit and we’ll have an article for you all about how to not lose an ...


    Must-Read: Fatherhood Advice

    img Posted December 10, 2012

    Sure, maybe having kids isn’t in your future. Maybe you never see yourself having enough money, or security, or feel like you can ever find the right girl that you can settle ...


    Must-Read: Why Women Love Mustaches

    img Posted December 3, 2012

    The calendar has rolled over from November to the last month of the year, which means that you’re about to get deluged with a whole bunch of invites to holiday events. Maybe ...


    Must-Read: Electronic Gifts for the Ladies

    img Posted November 26, 2012

    Christmas is a very tough holiday when it comes to relationships. It’s where all of the bad stuff that has been lingering below the surface gets pushed to the top and youR ...


    Must-Read: Anti-Prostate Cancer Munchies

    img Posted November 19, 2012

    It’s Movember still — have you been growing your mustache, guys? — so our mind is definitely still on prostrate cancer and our ability to get it. And if you’ ...


    Must-Read: Eating Well

    img Posted November 5, 2012

    We all want to have good bodies. This is a fact. While it may not be enough of a want to actually get on out there and do it — anyone who is overweight knows this, it’s ...


    Must-Read: Which Boots Are Made For Walking?

    img Posted October 29, 2012

    It took us quite a few years to feel comfortable enough to wear boots. It’s such a big statement to wear boots on your feet, that you have to be prepared for a tiny amount of ...


    Must-Read: Sex Moves She’ll Love

    img Posted October 1, 2012

    As we’ve said again and again and again around these parts, sex is awesome. It really is. We love having it. But one of the tricks that we’ve learned through our many y ...


    Must-Read: What She Thinks About the Land Down Under

    img Posted September 24, 2012

    And when we head off a post with the phrase “land down under,” you can be pretty goddamn sure that we’re not talking about Australia. No, instead what we’re ...


    Must-Read: How Not to Raise Kids

    img Posted September 17, 2012

    If you’re getting to the age of many of our readers, and ourselves actually, then you may be getting some of those odd pangs that tend to hit most people once they hit this a ...

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