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    Wait, What? Hillbilly Cat Fishing

    img Posted May 15, 2009

    Every now and then, you stumble across something on television, while hiking through nature or, more likely, on the Internet that makes you question the existence of a god. Is ther ...


    Fun With Baseball Stats: It’s Already Over

    img Posted April 10, 2009

    The first week of the baseball season is always the most fun (outside of the playoffs, at least). It’s when every team still has hope that this will be their year, even the P ...


    Cruise/Travolta to Remake “Butch Cassidy”

    img Posted April 7, 2009

    Well, here’s some amazing news. From the all-powerful Internet rumor mill – one of which can be located here, Scientologist duo Tom Cruise and John Travolta are set to ...


    Clip Reel: Chuck Norris Does Not Age, Even on his 69th Birthday

    img Posted March 10, 2009

    “Time Waits For No Man. Unless That Man Is Chuck Norris.” – Chuck Norris Facts Today, the man who throws roundhouse kicks at the sun, sneezes with his eyes open a ...


    Clip Reel: Watching the Awful Comic Book Movies

    img Posted March 6, 2009

    All-Time Worst Comic Book Movies According to every news article in the world, ever, there’s some new movie coming out today called “Watchmen” that’s supp ...


    My Suggestions For Facebook

    img Posted March 4, 2009

    My Suggestions For Facebook’s New Terms of Service A few weeks ago, the Great and Powerful Facebook got the ‘Neterazzi’s panties and/or boxers into a huge bundle ...


    What I Learned From Street Fighter II

    img Posted February 25, 2009

    What I Learned From Street Fighter II Last week`s release of Street Fighter IV got me thinking: Was there a video game with a bigger impact during my formative years than the class ...


    Hot Girls in Scary Places

    img Posted February 23, 2009

    Set Your DVR Accordingly: “Hot Girls in Scary Places” Gets Green lit If there’s one commonality among males of all ages, from the youngest stubbed-penis of a fet ...


    She Can’t Stop Saying Penis: The Top 5 Slips Swears On Live TV

    img Posted February 20, 2009

    Doing It Live It happens to the best of us. You talk a little too fast, your words get muddled, and soon instead of talking about a “chicken hunt” you’re ducking ...


    Who Watches the Watchmen Have Sex?

    img Posted February 19, 2009

    There are promotional items, and then there are promotional items. In order to get folks pumped up for the upcoming Watchmen comic-to-movie translation as if fanboys could get any ...

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