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    When She Wants You To Buy Her Gifts

    img Posted July 22, 2014

    Knowing Whether You Are Dealing With A Gold Digger Your new girlfriend has been dropping hints, or worse, outright asking, you to buy her presents. This is not a good sign. Sorry t ...


    How to Wear a Tux

    img Posted July 18, 2014

    When the dress code calls for black tie, that means you need to wear a tuxedo. What’s the difference between a tuxedo and a suit? A tuxedo is a particular type of suit, so you ca ...


    When She Stands You Up

    img Posted July 15, 2014

    What exactly is being stood up? Being stood up means that she has not turned up to a date that you have arranged, while you patiently await her arrival. It is much worse than merel ...


    How to Choose Cologne

    img Posted July 11, 2014

    Is your signature scent dousing yourself in the deodorant you’ve been using since you were fourteen? It’s time to upgrade to cologne. But with so many choices, how do you decid ...


    Nightclub Deal-Breakers

    img Posted July 8, 2014

    Out clubbing is where you are most likely to pick up, but you could be unknowingly shooting yourself in the foot because of these instant deal-breakers. Even if you have an armory ...


    The Worst Celebrity Fashions of 2014

    img Posted July 3, 2014

    Celebrity fashion icons can be a source of style inspiration. They start and carry trends. However, you cannot just blindly follow what they wear. Sometimes those in the public eye ...


    When She Sends You Too Many Messages

    img Posted July 1, 2014

    You swapped numbers and have been on one date, and all of a sudden she is filling up your inbox with pointless messages. What does it mean, and how can you make it stop? She might ...


    What You Need to Stop Wearing After 25

    img Posted June 27, 2014

    As you get older, you should retire some of the more casual items in your wardrobe which you can no longer get away with. Your style should be sleek and modern while taking inspira ...


    When Her Friend Is Into You

    img Posted June 24, 2014

    Cupid’s arrow missed, and shot the best friend of the girl you have your eye on. Do you still have a chance? Are they good friends? A girl will never date the guy that her best f ...


    Swimwear for the Skinny Guy

    img Posted June 20, 2014

    You forgot to go to the gym all year, and now you’re embarrassed to strip down to your swim trunks. At the beach or at the pool, you can’t get away with layering yourself in en ...

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