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    How to Talk to Women In Class

    img Posted October 7, 2014

    You?ve spotted a cutie in your class, but you do not know how to start a conversation with her without seeming awkward. Actually, being awkward should be the last of your worries. ...


    Dressing with Class

    img Posted October 3, 2014

    You may not be a slave to the runways, but you would like to look respectable. You do not have to be fashionable to have timeless style. Knowing what items suit you and will look g ...


    How to wear short shorts

    img Posted October 3, 2014

    Short shorts for men are officially a trend. Enjoy it while it lasts, because you cannot get away with wearing short shorts when it is not in fashion. Do you have the body? ...


    The lies every woman will tell on a first date

    img Posted October 1, 2014

    These are not serious, life-changing lies, but little fibs that every woman will say on a first date. She fully expects you to decode these fibs, but if you have little dating expe ...


    The Secret Things She Does When She’s At Your Place

    img Posted September 30, 2014

    You may not even notice, but she has plenty of secret objectives when she is at your place. No matter what type of relationship you are in, you can bet that she has a sneaky hidden ...


    When she asks about your history

    img Posted September 28, 2014

    When you get a girlfriend, it can seem like your history with women is unimportant. But trust me, it is not unimportant to her. She has been thinking about it, and she will ask. Sh ...


    Dressing for a backyard party

    img Posted September 26, 2014

    Go with the classics when dressing for a house party; items that you know look good on you and that are comfortable. This is no time to get experimental with items you have not wor ...


    How to Make Her Stop Playing Mind Games

    img Posted September 9, 2014

    Taking back your power in the relationship It is immensely frustrating when your relationship is usurped by mind games. Particularly early on in a relationship, she is trying to fi ...


    The Worst Hair Trends of 2014

    img Posted September 5, 2014

    Following hair trends can often be a poor decision. No doubt you will look back on photos and cringe at that time you copied the haircut of Harry Styles of One Direction fame. Howe ...


    When She Befriends Your Mother

    img Posted September 2, 2014

    You reluctantly introduced your new girlfriend to your parents, only for her to become instant best friends with your mom. Your new girlfriend having too good a relationship with y ...

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