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    How to Wear Yellow

    img Posted November 29, 2013

    Yellow can be a vibrant addition to your personal color wheel, particularly during the warmer months of the year. It can never be a bad thing to wear a color which is associated wi ...


    What To Do After She Rejects You

    img Posted November 25, 2013

    Moving On With Grace And Even More Game You’ve spent some time getting to know her, you ask her out, and she says no. There are some classic mistakes that guys make in the afterm ...


    How to Wear Red Leather

    img Posted November 22, 2013

    For a retro and daring take on leather, try introducing red leather into your wardrobe. It may be an out-there style choice, but red leather is surprisingly easy to match with. The ...


    What She Thinks of Your Dancing Techniques

    img Posted November 18, 2013

    Unfortunately for those of us that are hopelessly uncoordinated, dancing is a huge part of the nightlife culture. It’s so easy to get it wrong, but the good news is you don’t h ...


    How to Wear Quilting

    img Posted November 15, 2013

    Quilted materials are trending on the runways, but unlike many other fashions, this one is actually practical. A quilted jacket to get you through the winter months is the perfect ...


    How Your Facebook Profile is Ruining Your Chances

    img Posted November 11, 2013

    No doubt you’re aware that you’re meant to keep your online activity clean so your future employer doesn’t decide not to give you the job based on your racist tweets or photo ...


    The Secrets to a Good Moustache

    img Posted November 8, 2013

    The best kind of accessory is one you grow yourself. Whether you’re doing it for charity in Movember or just think you’d look sharp with unique facial hair, a moustache can com ...


    Is She Shy, Or Just Not Interested?

    img Posted November 4, 2013

    It’s hard to tell if the girl you’re talking to is just trying to fill in time, or is into you but doesn’t have the confidence to show it. You can’t work on the presumption ...


    Spirit Hoods

    img Posted November 1, 2013

    Channel your inner animal with a funky spirit hood. A hat with ears designed to look like a wild animal, the ear flaps hang down your body, ending in mitten-like slots for your han ...


    How to Ignore Her, The Right Way

    img Posted October 28, 2013

    Making Her Hot By Limiting The Attention You Give Her Is ignoring women really a good picking up technique? The short answer is yes, but only if you do it properly. The right way t ...

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