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    Expanding Your Beer Palate – Lagers

    img Posted September 15, 2011

    To continue on the theme from the pilsner essay, I think I know why I think of Bud and Bud Light when I hear the word ?lager.? It?s because of Anheuser Busch?s advertisements. Delv ...


    Top Five Movies of Christina Ricci

    img Posted September 13, 2011

    There?s something creepy about finding a girl attractive that you first saw as a ten-year-old, like Christina Ricci and ?The Addams Family.? Sure, Natalie Portman did ?The Professi ...


    A Primer on Buying Blended Scotch

    img Posted September 8, 2011

    When I last looked at Irish whiskeys, after looking at bourbon and North American whiskeys, I figured next would be the time to look at the king of these wonderful beverages, Scotc ...


    The Top Five Movies of Kate Winslet

    img Posted September 6, 2011

    I?m not sure if you spend a lot of time on IMDb, but I do for my own amusement and to make these top five lists. (Before that it was the book form of the Videohound, before that it ...


    Tips for Travel to Anywhere (But Especially Dangerous Places)

    img Posted September 1, 2011

    I may have been the only person thinking this, but when I saw all the news stories and tweets regarding the liberation of Libya over the past couple of weeks, I first thought, when ...


    Top Five Movies of Zoe Saldana

    img Posted August 30, 2011

    For most of these essays, I have seen a great number of the movies that star each of the subjects. In the case of Zoe Saldana, I have to admit that I have only seen two of her movi ...


    Caribbean Travels – New Providence, Bahamas

    img Posted August 25, 2011

    After discussing the island in the Bahamas chain closest to the U.S. mainland, Grand Bahama Island, I figured the next island to discuss would be another superlative, the most popu ...


    Top Five Movies of Katie Holmes

    img Posted August 23, 2011

    Have you ever had a good friend who was super cool and awesome? Of course you have. Have you ever had a super cool friend get married and then you never hear from them again? When ...


    Your Guide to Oktoberfest 2011

    img Posted August 18, 2011

    I?ve learned my lesson. Oktoberfest is celebrated at the end of September. Got it. So, now that it is about a month away from Oktoberfest, I figured it was time to start to plan th ...


    Top Five Movies of Rose McGowan

    img Posted August 16, 2011

    I?m sure we all have ?that? girl. You know the one. You can?t just say she is hot. You have to qualify it. ?You know she would be freaky in the sack.? ?She?s not a conventional bea ...

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