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    How to Wear Plaid

    img Posted August 29, 2014

    Plaid is a type of checkered print, with intersecting, perfectly perpendicular lines dividing the material into various squares and rectangles. This effect can be achieved with jus ...


    What She Wants In a First Kiss

    img Posted August 26, 2014

    So much of the focus in dating is on one thing only: how to get her into bed. Kissing is barely mentioned, or is treated only as a stepping stone on the way to getting into her pan ...


    Should You Get a Tattoo?

    img Posted August 22, 2014

    Tattoos are not ‘alternative’ anymore. No longer are they solely found on tough guys whose hobbies include beer and bashings. Nor do they make you perennially unemployable. Tat ...


    When She Ignores Your Calls After a One-Night Stand

    img Posted August 19, 2014

    You flirted your way to the bedroom, so you must have been doing something right. But the next day, she suddenly loses all interest in you and will not even pick up the phone. What ...


    What to Wear to a Casual Date

    img Posted August 15, 2014

    Dressing formally is easy. It is dressing well for a casual occasion which is a challenge for most men. You need to strike the delicate balance between being stylish and being rela ...


    When She Says You Are Immature

    img Posted August 12, 2014

    Your girlfriend seems to have a problem with your inner man-child. You may think that she is criticizing your personality, but it is more likely that she has a problem with the way ...


    Guys’ Guide to Wearing Red

    img Posted August 8, 2014

    Studies have shown that women find men in red more attractive. Unfortunately, the way that some men wear red is so garish that it makes them less attractive. Here’s how to wear r ...


    When She’s Mad At You

    img Posted August 5, 2014

    You admit it: you did something wrong. Or maybe you think she’s blown an issue out of proportion. Whether you take responsibility or not, here is how to stop your girlfriend from ...


    Should You Wear Glasses or Contacts?

    img Posted August 1, 2014

    Once you have sorted all the practical issues in the battle between glasses and contacts, it is time to consider an important question: which looks better on you? Glasses have an u ...


    When She Doesn’t Want To Put Your Relationship on Facebook

    img Posted July 29, 2014

    Getting The Respect Your Deserve On Facebook The modern relationship is not real until it is ‘Facebook official’. Once you have been together for a reasonable amount of time, i ...

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