Nightclub clothing hacks

A pair of will give you the freedom to tear up the dance floor.

How to Make Your Night Out Easier

Dressing for a night out is more than just looking good. You also need to introduce an element of practicality. These style tips will have you looking fashionable while helping your night run smoothly.

Dance jeans

You want to look stylish in a pair of jeans, but your skinnies are too tight for you to bust your moves on the dancefloor. Invest in a pair of . It sounds like a contradiction in terms, but are very real. Have you ever wondered how hip hop dancers manage to dance so well in jeans? It is because they are wearing a specially designed pair that allows for a large range of movement. Dance pants can be found readily from disreputable online stores, but are sometimes released in seasonal collections of trendy sportswear companies. However, a word of advice here: are invariably in a hip hop style, and therefore they tend to be baggy. You will not be getting the same look as a pair of slim-fitted jeans. Some designs have a baggy crotch area but tighter fitting legs, these are perhaps the best option as most people will not notice the extra material pooling in the crotch.

Skinny tie

A fat tie in the club is a fashion faux pas. You will remind the girls of their dads. A skinny tie, on the other hand, is far more stylish and will have you channelling a dapper Justin Timberlake. You will look more formal without being dowdy. It is also a fun accessory for dancing, as girls will use it to pull you in. You cannot wear a tie with a plain old tee shirt though, so make sure you pair it with a?

Collared shirt

Bouncers and door bitches can be fickle people. When a nightclub is near capacity, they can afford to be picky with who they admit. A collared shirt can make all the difference between being let into the club, and being left to wander the street. Note that this will not work if you are with a buddy who is sloppily dressed. Advise your group ahead of time that they should all wear collared shirts.

Grippy shoes

Slipping and sliding all over the dancefloor is not a good look. A pair of well gripping shoes will help your feet stay firmly planted, so you are less likely to have a dancing mishap. If hip hop style is your thing, a pair of high-top sneakers such as the Air Force One by Nike will do well. For those going for a more classic look, your dress shoes will have to do. However, your dress shoes are not stuck with their original tread. It is worth going to a shoemaker to get an extra layer of tread applied; this will also help you slightly in the height department if you are vertically challenged. For a quicker solution, you can purchase non-slip tread in the form of stickers, which you simply apply to the underside of your shoe.

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