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    Quick Tips: Asking a Girl Out

    img Posted May 29, 2013

    Much as I love waxing philosophical on the ?high concepts? of seduction and self-development, after browsing my recent archive, I realized that I haven?t been sharing any ?quick ti ...


    You’re a Narcissist, It’s Costing You Women, Here’s How to Fix It

    img Posted May 17, 2013

    Nice Guy? It?s probably no secret that self-proclaimed ?nice guys? aren?t as other-oriented as their behavior may seem. Most guys who are nice on the outside are really just using ...


    Who’s the Man You Want to Become?

    img Posted May 10, 2013

    I just got off the phone with a good friend who?s going through a brutal breakup with his now ex-girlfriend. I?ve come to expect these phone calls 2-3 times a day, as my friend is ...


    Perception is Everything in Dating

    img Posted March 26, 2013

    For years everything I did around women was meticulously planned. I couldn?t send a text message unless I?d triple-check it first. I made sure every word, behavior, action, and tho ...


    All is Not Fair in Love and War

    img Posted March 13, 2013

    They say that ?all?s fair in love and war,? but when it comes to dating, nothing is fair. By dint of having a penis, you?re at disadvantage. The deck is stacked in the favor of the ...


    Anatomy of a Good Story: 3-STEP System (Part 2)

    img Posted February 22, 2013

    Read Part One here. 2. Create tension by describing conflict The lifeblood of every great story is ACTION. The formula of ANY story is this: someone wants something > they don?t ...


    Anatomy of a Good Story: 3-STEP System

    img Posted February 15, 2013

    It?s no secret that a great story can captivate a woman?s attention while stoking her attraction for you because you?re guiding her through a strong range of emotions. It?s almost ...


    The “3-Story Rule” of Dating

    img Posted February 7, 2013

    Why Storytelling is an Essential Dating Skill If a woman doesn?t feel comfortable around you, she?s not going to sleep with you. Ever. I can?t imagine any time in the history of se ...


    Why the Self-Made Man is the ONLY Man

    img Posted January 31, 2013

    I wrote the first two paragraphs of this article as an essay. However, two paragraphs in, I realized this must be written as a RANT. Articulating the importance of ?self-making? yo ...


    Save Yourself: How to Not Be a Loser with Women

    img Posted January 28, 2013

    The other I received a desperate Facebook message from a guy (let?s call him ?Roger?) who just broke up with his girlfriend. He peppered me with a frantic string of questions: ?Can ...

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