Transform Yourself into a Success Machine

There is only type of person I?d go into business with: someone who enjoys learning. Most people scoff at the idea of learning once they graduate school. That?s why most people fail at starting their own businesses. They?re only interested in applying what they know, unwilling to learn new skills and talents.

From what I?ve seen, the most successful and fulfilled people are those who enjoy learning new skills while strengthening their existing skills. This ?love of knowledge? may be partly related to personality, but I just don?t understand how someone could find contentment in doing the same thing, day in and day out.

To me, with every new skill you learn, you transform yourself into a more potent success machine. Even if that skill has absolutely nothing to do with your job (or even your life), honing expertise makes you a better human.

Success Machine Defined

My definition of a success machine aligns with this quote: ?Wealth is how much you?re worth if you lost all your money.? I take that quote to mean that if your bank went to nil, how quickly could you recover it. Someone like Donald Trump comes to mind: the guy went bankrupt and within only a few years recovered, richer than ever.

Be honest about your own skillset: if you were fired from your job, and your bank account was wiped clean, how quickly could you build yourself back up? If it scares you to answer that question, you need to examine how you?re spending your time.

More important, you need to examine your attitude toward learning. Think about the last time you hit an obstacle or encountered a challenge outside your expertise. Did you crumble? Give up? Run for help? Or did you hunker down and look for a solution on your own? If you?re successful, you probably know that the hard way is (usually) the easy way.

My Story

For me, I encountered this situation a few years back. I came up with an idea for an app, but had absolutely no idea how to code apps (or even how apps were coded!). I priced out a professional app builder, but it was way beyond my budget. I had a choice: scrap my idea or learn to do it myself.

Because I believed in my idea, I decided to find a way to make an app?no matter what. I hit several obstacles that seemed insurmountable, which I either solved or found a work-around. I literally would fall asleep at my computer, wake up, and begin working on my project again. For 3 weeks, no one heard from me.

At times, it felt like the world was conspiring against me. Even the smallest details seemed tedious and beyond my knowledge. But still, I kept myself in front of the computer, kept my optimism. Finally, as if the world just gave up, I won. I still remember seeing the green light next to my app, with the words ?APPROVED FOR SALE.? Even though that app didn?t make me rich, it was one of the proudest moments of my life.

More important than the money, the skills I was forced to learn to create my app supercharged every aspect of my ability to generate wealth. My skills in HTML, CSS, and Javascript were put on steroids. I could suddenly do so much more, create such superior products, and generate more value, which brought me more wealth. Right away I used that newfound knowledge to create my Advanced Dating Strategies course?something I?m still immensely proud of and which was incredibly successful.

Learn for the Sake of Learning

I?m not going to sit here and proclaim myself as the master entrepreneur or ultimate success machine. But I tell my story because I hope it motivates you to stick with a challenge, even when it seems insurmountable. I hear so many great ideas, from so many talented people, yet they never amount to much because they give up too soon.

Even when a skill seems totally unrelated to your life, or if you feel you?re just spinning your wheels by putting in more work, remember: you?re making yourself a success machine. This is exponentially more valuable than any money you might make on the project at hand. If you?re a success machine, you can always generate wealth.

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About Rob J. Rob J. is a writer and dating instructor in New York City. Themes that resonate in both his teaching and writing are masculinity, genuineness, rational self-interest, and general awesomeness.

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