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    Improve Your Success with Women in an Hour

    img Posted May 17, 2011

    Here’s a video speech by Rob Judge. It is well worth watching: This speech is from “The 21 Convention” that took place in Orlando, Florida in 2010. This year, Rob will be ...


    Taking Your Online Game Up A Notch

    img Posted May 17, 2011

    It?s no secret that most guys struggle with online dating and ultimately give up on it before they even get one decent date out of the deal. Funny thing is … most guys can tu ...


    Clueless or Casanova

    img Posted May 6, 2011

    3 Distinctions that Make-or-Break Your Success with Women Tell hot women how you really feel about them. Fall a little in love with every woman you speak to. Keep trying even if yo ...


    Peacocking: Pick Up Girls No Game Required

    img Posted May 3, 2011

    How To Use It Correctly Do you want countless girls to approach you when you go out and be instantly attracted to you? Does always having a interesting opener that hooks crowds of ...


    Three Great Date Ideas

    img Posted April 25, 2011

    I?ve gotten pretty good at coming up with fun, interesting date ideas for women I meet. My mindset is that I don?t want to impress her, or pressure her, but instead interact with h ...


    Integrity: A Trigger For Attraction

    img Posted April 18, 2011

    There are two clear triggers that attract women. The first is being happy with yourself and your life. The second is integrity. Beyond that it?s just a matter of breaking the ice a ...


    5 Questions About “The Art of War for Dating”

    img Posted March 25, 2011

    Today, I have an interview with Eric Rogell, author of The Art of War for Dating: Master Sun Tzu?s Tactics to Win Over Women. Eric?s going to discuss how the Sun Tzu?s tactics for ...


    When Experience Counts

    img Posted March 21, 2011

    In meeting and dating women, experience matters most when it?s not clear how the woman feels about you, or what she is thinking. The amateur tends to assume the worst. The pro assu ...


    When You Open Your Mouth, Have a Purpose

    img Posted March 18, 2011

    Don?t Just Do It To Do It Man. I wish I had written this article 3 or 4 years ago?for myself! One of my biggest challenges just a few years back was effective speaking. Now, ?effec ...


    Who Loves Alpha Males? (The Answer May Keep You Out Of Jail)

    img Posted March 11, 2011

    It Isn?t What You Think You probably believe in an unfortunate stereotype. If you?re reading this, you?re probably familiar with the men?s dating niche. So you probably know what a ...