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    What To Do When A Girl Rejects You But Still Wants To Be Friends

    img Posted July 5, 2018

    Being \'friend-zoned\' doesn\'t have to be embarrassing Yes, you can (and should) stay friends with women who reject your romantic advances. There\'s a lot of negativity and ...


    The Right Time To Kiss Her

    img Posted June 27, 2018

    The timing of the kiss can make or break a date Kissing her at the right time can be the difference between having sex that night, being made to wait or getting friend-zoned fo ...


    How To Ask Out Your Crush

    img Posted June 20, 2018

    ? Learn how to invite a woman on a date in a fun, low pressure way. You\'re sat making smalltalk with a beautiful woman. You want to invite her out on a date, but you have no ide ...


    When Is The Right Time To Say The ‘L’ Word?

    img Posted June 7, 2018

    Saying ?I love you? is a big deal, and so is the timing Dropping ?The L Bomb? is seen as a significant milestone in any romance, so you should consider the timing wisely. Sa ...


    What To Do If She’s Seeing Other People

    img Posted May 28, 2018

    How to get the girl you like This is the guide to help you get that promiscuous girl to choose you over all the other dudes. It\'s not easy, but the strategy below is your be ...


    Friend-zoned Or Just Taking Things Slow?

    img Posted May 21, 2018

    Is there anything more frustrating than a woman giving mixed signals? This post goes out to the guys who have met a great girl and built what appears to be a great connection - ...

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