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    (It’s Baaaaaaaaack) Wingman Weekend Retreat

    img Posted May 12, 2010

    Project Hollywood...?Caribbean?Style Learn Game, Party Your Ass Off, Get Laid Like a Rockstar, Relax, Live it Up Like a Big Pimp and Have the Time of Your Life... ?With a Grou ...


    Best Weekend Reading From Around the Web

    img Posted May 8, 2010

    Best Weekend Reading Start of by taking the 31 Days to Better Game Challenge.  You\'ll receive 31 lessons on approaching women, first dates, going for the kiss, building comfor ...


    Interview: Vince Kelvin from “Seduction Coaching”

    img Posted May 7, 2010

    An Interview With One Of The Top PUA Minds is the author of ?The Same Night Sex System? and creator of ?Integrated Game?. He?s the owner of Seduction Coaching, one of the initial ...


    The First Five Minutes of a Date

    img Posted May 6, 2010

    How to Start a Date with a Woman in a Way That Almost Guarantees a Good Time I used to absolutely hate going on dates. A few years back I was big into online dating and was li ...


    Top 10 Reasons to Ditch a Girl and Move On

    img Posted May 4, 2010

    When to end a relationship and move on One of the interesting that that happens when you start getting better with women... as the new sense of choice in your life makes you kee ...


    Best Weekend Reading from Around the Web

    img Posted May 1, 2010

    Best Weekend Reading Here is a post I wrote for Pua Lingo on The Approach Mindset. If you\'re looking for an adventurous travel destination... check out the most dangerous dest ...

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