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    American Macho

    Ever seen ?American Psycho?? If not, download it right now and quit being so cinematically clueless. If so, do you consider Patrick Bateman a role model? Disregarding the whole sto ...


    Tupac Comes Back to Life at Coachella

    If you missed your chance to see Tupac Shakur in the 90s, you might get to see him live (in a matter of speaking) sometime soon. The late rapper ?performed? this weekend at the Coa ...


    Charles Atlas and Dynamic Tension

    Do you know what it?s like to have a bully kick sand in your face? I don?t. But I do know what it?s like to walk around out of shape and ripe for abuse. A sand-kicking incident ...


    Build Confidence One Skill at a Time

    I?ve been on a ?Jeopardy!? kick lately. I don?t know if it?s because I?m getting older or that I find Alek Trebek?s voice subconsciously soothing, but I?m pseudo-obsessed. A few ni ...


    Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers to Headline Lollapalooza

    If you like funk-rock, heavy metal and deep dish pizza, you?re in luck. This summer?s Lollapalooza lineup has been announced and it?s a varied lot to say the least. [caption id= ...


    The Push-up: A Strength Training Classic

    How much can you bench? Oh, really. That?s quite a lot. Think you have to bench press to build a bigger chest? Nope. Now, how many proper push-ups could you do at this moment? D ...