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    The Italian Stallion and Setting Fitness Milestones

    img Posted September 28, 2011

    ?Rocky.? 35 years after its release, it?s still mesmerizing. Watching Mr. Balboa in that montage running through the Italian Market and up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of A ...


    John Tesh is Not a Personal Trainer

    img Posted September 23, 2011

    John Tesh haunts my dreams. Every time I?m in my car scanning the radio for a good song, there he is, sandwiched between AC/DC and Lady Gaga, referencing some random statistic. Did ...


    Lose Like a Winner

    img Posted September 20, 2011

    ?You?re fired.? ?It?s not you, it?s me.? ?Thank you, but our princess is in another castle.? You might have heard these before. Failure and rejection are unfortunate realities of l ...


    If You’re Gonna Work Out, Work Out!

    img Posted September 16, 2011

    A couple months ago I wrote an article for TSB titled ?Pump It Up or Pound the Pavement: Just Do Something!? where I argued that as long as you?re working out, be it via weightlift ...


    Want to Be a Success? Be Humble and Hungry

    img Posted September 13, 2011

    “If we remain humble and hungry, we can win.” – Dave Allison, retired ice hockey defenseman Does anyone really respect the dude with the chip on his shoulder, the ...


    Ditch the Gym and Go Alfresco

    img Posted September 7, 2011

    I?ve had such a huge craving for alfresco lately. I get one taste of it and just can?t stay away. What?s alfresco, you ask? No, it?s not some carb-loaded Italian dish (but that?d b ...


    Envy: A Deadly Sin and Great Motivator

    img Posted August 31, 2011

    It?s nearly the start of the school year and my friend can?t find a job teaching anywhere. He?s got a degree from a reputable school, years of solid experience and a likeable perso ...


    Leave It To The Expert: YOU

    img Posted August 24, 2011

    In the odd chance you don?t subscribe to Kraft Food?s Twitter feed or keep up on cream-filled cookie news, you might be interested to know that Nabisco has recently signed athletes ...


    A Man With a Plan: Be Your Personal CEO

    img Posted August 17, 2011

    Facebook wasn?t built in a day and neither were Ahnuld?specs. You think Mark Zuckerberg and Co. just slapped their social networking goliath online without some meticulous planning ...


    Don’t Be a (Super)hero: Practice Active Recovery

    img Posted August 9, 2011

    Summer 2011 has been a geek?s wet dream. Captain America, X-Men, Thor and The Green Lantern have all saved the world for $10-15 bucks a pop. Audiences have marveled (pun intended) ...

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