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Beginners Guide to TSB

Beginners Guide to TSB

While some of you have been following TSB Magazine since its early days (end of 2005), many of you are fairly new readers. To help you through the fairly overwhelming archives, I’ve compiled a beginner’s guide. Kind of a Quick Start guide.

First, a note: Please don’t try to go through this all at once. There are days and days worth of reading here. I’ve just organized that so that you can go to the stuff you want to learn about first. Take it in small chunks.

Where do you start when you have a thousand posts to read through? I thought the best way would be to give you a broad spectrum posts.

These are the most popular posts of their respective categories here at TSB

1. Top 10 Lessons to Get the Girl

2. 10 Ways to Immediately Make Yourself More Attractive

3. How to be the Kind of Your College

4. 5 Keys to Playing the Role of Being Wanted

5. The Buenos Aires “Hooker Juice” Incident

6. Mike Stoute Live Pick-Up Video

7. 5 Fastest Ways to Get a Woman Attracted to You

8. 7 Ways to Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

9. The Hero, the Bounty, and the Purpose Driven Life

10. 7 Secrets for Getting out of a Slump

11. The 31 Days to Better Game Series

But those are just the stars of the All-Star team. Next you’ll want to delve into some of your favorite topics. You can go through the main categories:

Funny Stories

Dating and Pickup Advice

Self Help


Exercise & Nutrition

Sexual Advice

Celebrity Photos

How to Be Popular in High School



We’ve also compiled some collections of popular posts grouped together by common themes. These are a quick way to browse our library.

TSB Magazine’s Best Posts of 2007

Popular Posts about Gaming Girls

The Adventures of Bobby Rio

Routines from Neil Strauss’s The Game

Tucker Max’s Guide to Good Game

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