TSB Magazine’s Best of 2007

majtki dla żelaznej damy/ iron lady pantiesWe thought we would put together a collection of our favorite posts from TSB Magazine in 2007. It was a great year, and we would like to thank everyone for helping to contribute to our growing community.

What would you guys like to see more of in 2008? What can we do to improve the site?

The articles listed below offer a wide range of the types articles we’ve produced here at TSB.  They include how to’s, stories, and just general information we though you would love.

You can expect even more from us coming in 2008 as we are looking to make it our best year ever!!!

Best of 2007

Random Fun Techniques

How to Have a Threesome

How to Lead a Social Circle

Openers for Mixed Sets

Stop Being Easy

Top 5 Vacation Destinations for Meeting Chicks

My First Piece of Myspace Pussy

The Gunslinger Walk

10 Years After I Took Her Virginity

Ultimate Myspace Jealousy Tool

Avoiding the Friend Zone

Examples of Peacocking Gear

Aim Lower

Pick-up Story of the Week

How to Calm Sexual Neediness

How to Make Women Laugh

5 Keys to Playing the Role of Being Wanted

My All Time Worst Cheating Story

Radio Show Podcast (Meeting Girls in College)

Pick-up Artists vs. Players

Fortaleza Nights (part 1)

Fortaleza Nights (part 2)

Tyler Durden on Openers

How to Be Popular in High School

All the Most Memorable Pick-up Stories

Word-For-Word Lines For
Getting Girls

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About Bobby Rio I'm Bobby Rio, one of the founders of TSB. I tend to write about what is on my mind so you'll find a mix of self development, social dynamics and dating articles/experiences.  For a collection of some of my favorite articles check them out.

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