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    Is It Okay To Be Friends With Your Ex?

    img Posted August 26, 2015

    In a word? No. In two words? Probably not. It really all depends on what your intentions are. If you have no interested in ever getting back together with your ex-girlfriend, and y ...


    3 Rules To Playing The Long Game

    img Posted August 12, 2015

    Strategies For An Effective Long-Term Pursuit Let’s be clear, when it comes to attraction, the long game is not ideal and you should always go for the short game first. Taking yo ...


    What Kind Of Guys Do Women Chase?

    img Posted July 23, 2015

    We are, from an early age, programmed by society to think that it’s a man’s job to win over a woman. Women are often presented in movies and media as these moving targets who y ...


    The #1 Lie You’ve Been Told About Attraction

    img Posted July 17, 2015

    The Internet is abounding with information about how to become more attractive in the eyes of the fairer sex. But today I want to give you a tip that’s going to help you navigate ...


    What’s Killing Your Inner Game?

    img Posted July 2, 2015

      Inner game is massively important. Flirting and seduction techniques are all well and good as tools, but inner game and self confidence make up the skills to use them. It’ ...


    The Quickest Way To Become More Attractive

    img Posted June 26, 2015

      There are a million ways to become more attractive. If there weren’t, we’d all be out of a job. Working out, exercising, dressing and grooming well, learning how to flir ...


    How To Know When She’s Flirting Back

    img Posted June 18, 2015

    How to Tell if a Woman is Flirting with You Let’s face it boys, sometimes we just don’t know when a girl is hitting on us. This can actually become truer if you’re always the ...


    5 Shameless Compliments To Spark A Connection

    img Posted June 11, 2015

      Sincere compliments seem to have a bad reputation. I’ve heard them branded before as “good guy game”, a territory that not a lot of guys are willing to wade into, beca ...


    How To Get Off A Girl’s “Hook”

    img Posted May 8, 2015

      “I’m really into you, I just can’t BE WITH YOU… right now.” Have you ever had that girl in your life who you feel like you’re constantly chas ...


    How To Get Women Chasing YOU

    img Posted May 1, 2015

      Some guys just seem to have multiple women chasing them… all the time. For these guys, they don’t even have to think about getting women interested in them. They don’t ...

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