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    Ultimate Guide to Escaping the Friend Zone

    How to Get Out of the Friend Zone  

    how to get out of the friend zone with herIf you found this article then chances are there is a girl in your life who you want to either make your girlfriend, or you simply can’t handle the sexual tension and want to get your female friend into bed.

    In this article I’m going to show you how notice the “Friend Zone” signs, how to avoid the friend zone, and how to escape the friend zone if you’re currently stuck there.

    The fact is, if you’re “just friends” with a girl it is nearly impossible to close the deal and get her back to your bedroom.

    And if you’re reading this, it is likely that you’ve been imaging her naked, wanting to kiss her, and compulsively wondering if she feels the same way… and if there is any chance of making a move that doesn’t end in embarrassment or rejection.

    The answer is yes.  It is possible.

    So let’s get into it.

    3 Biggest Mistakes That Lead to the Friend Zone

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    Avoiding the Friend Zone

    Now I think you already know how important it is to avoid the friend zone in the first place, but there might be some mistakes you’ve been making that we can quickly eliminate and prevent you from being “friend zoned” in future.

    Let’s quickly go over 5 things you MUST be doing if you want to avoid the friend zone.

    1.  Flirt with Her

    Most guys wound up as “just friends” with a girl because they don’t know how to flirt with a girl in a way that creates sexual tension.  Read this article to learn how to flirt with a girl.

    More on flirting:

    2.  Touch her

    One of the ways you let a woman know that you don’t want to ‘just be friends’ is by touching her and getting physical.  This is always one of the reasons that it is important that you kiss a girl as soon as possible.

    3.  Don’t be too “agreeable”

    Here is a weird paradox… if you want to be friends with a girl… treat her like she’s one of your friends.  This means don’t hide your opinions, don’t try too hard to impress her, and don’t compromise your manhood to please her.

    4. Express “sexual” attraction for her early on

    This is the exact opposite of what most guys do. Most guys completely hide their sexual attraction for a girl.  And then after winding up in friend zone, they finally can’t take it anymore and wind up confessing their feelings for the girl.  And they do things like tell her how much they like her, or even worse, that they are in love with her.  This NEVER works.

    Instead, right from the beginning make it crystal clear that you find her sexually attractive.

    #1 Way to Spark Massive Sexual Tension with a Female Friend

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    5.  Be the “Leader”

    Many men wind up as “just friends” because they bring nothing to the table.  These men look at the girl as the source of entertainment and adventure.  And instead of being the leader and taking control of the situation… they instead “leach” off of her.

    The real key to avoiding the friend zone is to create attraction right from the beginning.  If a woman is sexually attracted to you there is almost no chance she’ll want to be just friends.

    Are you stuck in the friend Zone?

    Almost every single day I get emails from guys telling how they have been hanging out with this girl for a couple weeks to a couple months… and they still haven’t kissed her.  They then proceed to tell me all the signs that she is giving them they she likes them.

    Here is some honest feedback for you:

    If you’ve been hanging out with a girl for more than a couple dates and you still haven’t gotten physical with her then you are in the FRIEND ZONE.

    3 Steps to Get out the Friend Zone

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    Friend Zone Signs

    how to flirt with girlI am going to make it even clearer for you to determine whether or not you’re in the friend zone (because I know we like to think “she’s different” or our case is different.  It’s not.

    I speak from experience.

    I’ve had a handful of girls friend zone me… and I’ve also manage to escape the friend zone a handful of times and wind up hooking up with the girl, closing the deal, and getting her back to my bedroom.

    Here are the Signs you are in the friend zone:

    1.  She talks about other guys to you.

    2. She is too comfortable around you.

    3.  There is no banter or sexually suggestive talk

    4. She has a lot of other guy friends

    5. She doesn’t go out of her way to spend time with you

    Those are a few tell tale signs you are in the friend zone.  If you notice these you will have to completely re-adjust your plans and chance your course of action if you want to score with her.

    Flirting Signs She Might Like You

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    If a woman does really like you as more than friends then she will be giving you cues.  I wrote an article on how to tell if a girl likes you.

    Escape the Friend Zone

    This is probably the section that you’ve been waiting to read.  You want to know how to get out of the friend zone.

    Before I get started, I want to tell you what NOT to do.

    1.  DO NOT confess your feelings for her.  This will only scare her away.  It puts too much pressure on her. And hardly ever works.

    So then how do you get out of the friend zone?

    I’ve figured out 6 steps you need to take to get out of the friend zone for good, so that you can finally close the deal, and get her back to your bedroom.

    Step 1:  You need to break rapport with her.

    The hardest thing about breaking out of the friend zone is that you have a set routine that usually ends without the two of you kissing.  You need to break this routine.

    The best way to this is to disappear from her life for a little bit.  Become unavailable to hang out.  Stop answering her calls right away.

    Step 2:  You need to spark some jealousy in her

    You need to get her seeing a different side of you.  The best way to do this is to make her jealous by spending time with other girls.

    If you don’t have other girls in your life you can do this by breaking plans with her.  When she asks why, just be vague and let her assume you’ve met somebody.

    Step 3:  Change some elements of your appearance

    After you’ve distanced yourself from her for a little bit, it is important that when she sees you again you have changed some elements of your appearance.

    This allows her to see you in a different view. And it allows her to feel attraction.  Some things you can do is start going to the gym, get a tan, get a haircut, change your personal style, or simply improve your body language and posture.

    Step 4:  Flirt with her in a sexual way

    Next time you see her you need to immediately begin teasing and flirting with her.

    Here is a video about how to flirt and tease a woman:

    Download the Free 27 Page Small Talk Tactics Report

    Step 5:  Touch her

    The best way to ignite sexual tension with the girl is to begin touching her.  This can be something as simple as touching her elbow when you talk.

    But throughout the night you should continue building sexual tension with her by doing things like holding her hand, getting closer to her, and putting your hand on her lower back as you talk.

    Step 6:   Kiss her

    You have nothing to lose at this point.

    Either you kiss her and she kisses you back… or you don’t and you wind up stuck in the friend zone forever.

    Take the chance as it is the only way to know for sure if she likes you. (here’s how to kiss her)

    A word of caution… a lot of time she will initially say “what are you doing”… at this point you have to stay confident and continue to go for it.  She might just be testing you to see if you’re for real.

    Special Offer for You

    I know you might not know exactly how to flirt with a girl or take the conversation to a sexual level, so I created a FREE 27 page manuscript called Small Talk Tactics: Make Small Talk Sexy.

    In this report I give you examples of exactly what to say and do to create sexual attraction in a way.  This will make it much easier to get out of the friend zone.

    This manuscript will show you exactly how to flirt in a way that gets a woman’s attention glued on you, so that you can easily kiss her, ask her out on a date, or get her back to your bedroom.

    Can you score this girl

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