5 Things That Make You Look Desperate and Immediately Turns Girls Off…

In this video Bobby Rio and Rob Judge talk about the danger of appearing “too hungry” around girls. This idea of hunger is displaying things like neediness, approval seeking behavior, and even the way you stare at girls without realizing it.

There are many ways to attract a girl, and even more ways to immediately kill that attraction. This video explains of the easiest ways to lose attraction in a girl that at one point liked you.

Watch the video to learn the mantra “Those who look hungry never get fed”

And avoid killing your chances with girls.

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Rob Judge:       Hungry don’t get fed.

Bobby Rio:       Hey, guys.  I’m Bobby Rio.  I’m back with Rob Judge, and we got another video for you today.  In today’s video, I want to pass along a little piece of knowledge, a little mantra that somebody told me about 13 years ago, and it’s guided me in the world of dating.  I think it really is one of the most powerful pieces of dating advice you’re going to get, so you might want to write this down.  That little mantra is, “Those who look hungry never get fed.”  It sounds simple, and let me explain what “looking hungry” means.

“Hungry” is a term that we use for desperation, and it’s “Looking hungry” means being hungry for a woman’s approval, being hungry for sex, being hungry for her attention, for the attention of girls.  You can spot these guys.  We’ve all been there.  I’ve been the guy.  You’ve probably been the guy.  He’s been the guy.  You can spot them whenever you got out.

Rob Judge:       This is something I see often when I’m out at a bar, or a night club, or even times in a Starbucks.  You just can see the guy who has that.  I call it the “eye of the rapist”.  He is looking around, and it’s just so obvious that that guy’s entire night is dependent on getting some sort of woman’s approval, attention.  It’s the guy at the bar who has his drink up like this, and he just has like the radar eyes.  He’s just scanning the room, and he could be out with his friends.  His friends are sitting there, and they’re not even conversing.  They’re just scanning the room, looking for like “I need a girl’s approval.”  It’s really pathetic, and you could just almost sniff the desperation.  It smells awful.  It retracts, it just repels everyone.

Bobby Rio:       When me and my friends first discovered this and started living by this mantra, we would be out, and we’d like walk over to each other and be like, “Dude, you’re looking hungry, man.  You’re looking hungry.”  Then, we’d even have like a fake little conversation just so that the people watching us wouldn’t realize how hungry we are.  A lot of people think like looking hungry, oh well, if you look cool or you’re good looking, it doesn’t matter.  There’s a lot of things you can be doing outside of even the way you’re staring at girls that make you look hungry.  I had this friend, Frank, that I used to work with.

Frank was, by all accounts, a good looking guy.  He was actually like talking to him.  He was a cool guy like funny, everything, but he never had a girl.  On the outside, you might go, “How does this not guy not get laid?”  When you’re hanging out with him, you realize he’s so freaking hungry.  To give you a few examples, and you may or may not have done any of these yourself, so you want to pay attention.  One thing Frank would do is he would sit around.  When he was talking about girls to other girls, he would say things like, “Why do girls like the assholes?  Why do girls always go for the jerks like don’t they like the good guys?”

When you’re saying that, you’re saying like, “They don’t like me.”  It comes across really desperate.  Another thing Frank would do would be Let’s say a new girl started like working with us, or let’s say I started dating a girl and he would I would introduce him to her.  He would immediately within like 10 minutes of like talking to the girl going, “Do you have any friends?  Why don’t you bring some friends around?”  It’s like she does not want to bring her friends and introduce them to the hungry guy.

Rob Judge:       Frank is the type of guy who you’ve been a dude like If you guys have already attractive friends on Facebook, any girls that are attractive, he’d be the guy as soon as that girl posts like some sexy selfie or some flattering picture of herself, he’d be the guy liking it, “You look beautiful.  You look stunning.  Great.”  I’m sure, like I said, if you have any attractive friends on Facebook, go look at their pages.  Go through their photos, and hopefully you’re not the guy posting those comments.  If you are, you got to stop because that, nothing good is going to come of that.  She’s not going to be like, “Wow.  He’s flattering me, so I need to go have sex with him.”  She’s going to look at that and be like, “Wow, like this guy is clearly very, very hungry.”

Bobby Rio:       You want to catch yourself because like I said, I knew this mantra.  Yeah.  I was still guilty, but we all get guilty without even realizing it.  I can remember having a party at my house one day.  The girl that I was in to, and I was like was hoping she would come to the party.  She showed up, and we had this conversation.  It’s going good, and then her friends wanted to leave.  She’s like, “I got to go.”  I’m like going, “Just stay a little bit long.  Come on, you don’t have to leave.  I’ll drive you home.”  It’s so desperate, and it shows so much hunger and neediness that it just drives her away.  There’s all these little ways, and I know you were even mentioning before this video, one of the ways you used.

Rob Judge:       It’s amazing.  Exactly.  I felt the same thing.  I knew this mantra.  I would be going out.  I would know not to look hungry, and then unconsciously, I was even doing things like pecking into her.  I was out on a date with a girl, and I caught myself doing it.  We’re talking, we’re ordering drinks, and we’re talking at the bar.  I’m noticing, I’m like, “Why is like half my body like?”  I was like, “Wow.  This must appear so unattractive,” because I see other guys doing that.  I’m like, “It’s clear he’s so invested.”  This guy is so dependent on that girl’s approval that he’s like He’s almost like jumping out of his skin, and then here I was doing it.  It’s something that I have to remind myself of constantly that you have to really vet all you behavior for that hungry, that hungry aspect of it.

Bobby Rio:       You want to really pay attention if you’re giving off a hungry vibe.  A lot of times, it’s interesting because a lot of guys get confused because a girl seems initially attracted to them.  They meet a girl, you go out on a few dates, whatever.  Then they’re noticing she’s pulls back, or she becomes a little less interested, or she stops responding to your texts as fast, or maybe gives you less to go with, or she gives you those one-word answers, and you can sense like something just happened here.  You’re like, “Why?  What happened?”  I can almost guarantee is that she sense you were getting hungry.

Sometimes, the things you do, Robbie, is sometimes the hunger things are like sending her flowers at work which we both talked about.  That’s like something that just reeks of that desperation.  It could be something like sending her too many checking texts.  Checking texts are like when you’re like, “Hey.  What are you up to?  What are you doing?”  You’re like always like wanting to know what she’s up to, and she can sense like, “He’s checking in on me.  He’s a little, like a little He’s a little too invested.”  It could just be being too available.  There’s a lot of different things that you could be doing, and we have to be aware of is that girls like have a radar for hunger.  They can sniff it.

They cannot only sniff it, but girls are so scared of it because they’re very For a very good reason, a lot of guys get too needy.  They get too clingy, so girls now want to leave these guys out, and they do little tests.  There’s things that they do where maybe they Maybe it’s on a conscious level, maybe it’s on a subconscious level.  Maybe they just ignored one of your texts, and it’s to see how you respond, right?  They want to see, “How hungry is this guy?”  There’s all these little things they’re doing, and you have to be aware of it.  Now, the good news is that when you’re aware that girls are paying attention how hungry you are and that girls are testing you, you’re actually able to use it to your advantage because of One thing is when you don’t look hungry, it’s a very attractive trait.

When a girl meets a guy who appears like totally not hungry for her attention, her approval, she gets hungry for his, right?  What Rob and I did was we put together another video for you, and we had this concept.  It’s actually a technique, and it’s actually a little on the sneaky side.  I’m going to warn you.  It may or may not be something you’re comfortable using, but we put a video together explaining it.  What this video teaches you how to do is, there’s four things that we call it, “The Four Horsemen of the Chase”.

These are things that you can do to test girls, and to get them hungry, and to get them chasing you.  Like I said, we called this “the scrambler”.  It’s a little bit of a mind game, but it’s really freaking effective.  If you click the link below, you can watch that video and learn that technique.  Even if you’ve learned nothing else from this video, those who look hungry never get fed.

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