5 Questions With Pickup Artist Natural Tim From RSD

Natural Tim is the creator of the Flawless Natural Method for dating beautiful women, the original gangster Real Social Dynamics instructor homegrown in Australia – You know me as the leadoff speaker in the epic “Transformations” DVD/CD program and for being featured in various magazines and publications repping RSD – I also take off from time to time to tour the world as a DJ of electronic/house music. Right now I have just unleashed the crazy Flawless Natural Program for Real Social Dynamics which aims to get you up to speed on dating beautiful women fast. His thoughts can be found at www.flawlessnatural.com

1. What was the most important piece of advice you were given in regards to game?

I really liked the whole idea of looking at the world as your official pick up experiment laboratory. This way when you go up you can really throw yourself at it and not be too worried about the outcome. After all, your just playing in the ‘experiment lab’.

2. What is the secret to achieving the necessary inner game?

Being cool with being alone FIRST. Spend time on YOU. This means GYM, general stuff that you enjoy and gets you outside your head like sports or being social. You really have to be cool hanging out with YOU. The way you talk to yourself and the thoughts you have effect everything. So in short – start getting good with being alone. Then you will be good with being a couple!

3. Do you have tips for keeping a conversation flowing naturally?

Getting yourself in the right state at the very start would be my number one answer. If conversation flow isn’t natural yet, you should train yourself in the right state as quickly as possible. Some people can access this state more quickly than others. These people generally are able to stop analytical thought trains and jump into a more flowing state. From the Flawless Natural product, it was discovered that it takes 20mins of conscious effort to get LOCKED INTO a certain state. This means when you first get in the club, the first 20 minutes are the most important. You should be taking massive action, talking talking talking and approach approach approach. Magically (whatever the outcome of the last 20 mins of approaches) you will realize that you are LOCKED into a TALKATIVE FLOW STATE! woooo!

4. How do you get yourself into state before a night out or a date?

I generally keep preparation time before a night out or a date to a minimum. Make it easy and don’t try to hard to get every piece of hair right or worry about the shirt you are wearing. This will make you self conscious when you get out!

5. Which qualities do you think were most important in you reaching the success you have?

Optimism. After every approach I did, whether it was good or bad I was always simply happy I stepped up to the plate and went for it. At the end of the day that is all you can expect of yourself, ask did I at LEAST go for it? I am not saying you have to approach every single girl you see! This will make you very frustrated! Im saying if you see a girl you really like, just go for it. You start going a long way when you start being optimistic like this. I think this is the one characteristic that separates the people who struggle and the people with massive success with women.

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