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Unrestrainable Creature of Pickup

Here is an interesting article from Ray of the Pickup Arts. More of a philosofical piece but interesting nonetheless.

Being a Player isn’t Bad by Ray Devins

So “unrestrainable” isn’t really a word, but a reader wrote in
recently and asked me how he could become an “unrestrainable
creature of pickup”. I liked the sound of that, so let’s talk
about how to do it.

Seriously though, a lot of the questions we get these days ask for
just one magic bullet answer to all problems. I open the mailbox,
and get questions like:

“Ray, I have trouble talking to women. What can I say to get any
girl interested in me?”

If I knew a simple line like “Abracadabra, you are now my love
slave” that worked on all women, I wouldn’t have time to be writing
you these newsletters, if you know what I mean.

What guys never seem to realize is that there is a lot to know, and
it takes some time to get better with women. It doesn’t happen
overnight, even with a great instruction like you will find on our

But I can’t blame you for asking for a magic bullet. So for today
I will do my best to give you that one magic bullet that will help
you on your quest to become an “unrestrainable creature of pickup”.

Well, it won’t happen overnight, but the answer is a theme you will
see pop up indirectly in a lot of what we write in these

You have to do things differently than how society wants you to do

For example, one reader wrote in and asked us how to get rid of his
current girlfriend now that he has a new girlfriend.

Restrained creature of pickup answer: “Just be a man and tell her
it’s over.”
Unrestrained creature of pickup answer: “Keep them both.”

Society tells you that you should only have one girlfriend, but
once you start achieving high levels of success with women, you
will at least have the option to have more than one. The question
will be whether you can break out of your mental programming and
take advantage of your opportunity.

Sometimes when you have more than one girlfriend and aren’t afraid
to tell women that you do, you will actually find that it is easier
to get more girlfriends because you already have others! Talk
about unrestrained, the only thing that will be restrained is your
free time…

Another reader wrote in and said he was using the tips in the
newsletter and getting “whatever girls he wants”. But he was
concerned about the fact that he was giving off a player vibe and
these girls were commenting on it, so he asked how to stop doing

Restrained creature of pickup answer: “Stop using the tips, dress
more boring and mainstream, and go back to not getting all the
women you want.”
Unrestrained creature of pickup answer: “If it ain’t broke, don’t
fix it.”

What this reader didn’t realize is that society and women tell men
it is bad to be a “player”, but ironically it might be his player
vibe that is causing his success. Many women like the player type
despite what they say outwardly, BECAUSE of the very fact that he
is successful with women. It means there must be a reason he is
successful with women, some reason they may not be able to see,
even if he isn’t good looking. How is this guy getting all this
success if these girls were truly turned off by it?

The fact that a guy has mannerisms of a player often indicates to
women that he must have gotten those mannerisms through many
previous successes with women. “Maybe he is good in bed?” they
wonder to themselves. So they want to find out more, they want to
find out for themselves.

Are you starting to see how all this works? How doing what YOU
want vs. what society wants you to do can make you ten times more

If I could reach through the computer screen and whack some of you
who might not get it yet on the head and thereby magically get this
idea into your heads, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Let me tell you a story closer to home. Society tells you that you
need a nice car and clothes to attract women. Yet to this day
maybe the best looking woman I ever dated and slept with I met when
I was in college with no car and living in a house that literally
had dirt an inch think at the doorway and a huge hole in the wall.
She didn’t seem to care, she even put on an amazing candlelight
striptease for me in that shack.

Later when I started making money, I lost sight of this fact and
laid out a lot of money on a nice convertible sports car with
visions of hot chicks jumping in the front seat, then jumping on

I loved that car because it was fun and fast, I even gave it a
name: “Black Sunshine”. It was a lean, mean, growling machine,
and the way the engine roared in the morning still brings a smile
to my face.

But it never once got me a woman or even really ever helped me with
women. I seriously can’t think of one single time it did, no
matter how hard I try. I actually had more success with women
before they saw it than after.

These days I drive a beat up 1994 Nissan with a rear bumper that is
so rusted that only about half of the original bumper exists. This
is true even though I could walk onto a lot and buy a car in cash
that cost twice as much as my old one for cash if I wanted to.
This is not to say that I might not do that some day, but it would
be for me, not for trying to get women. Even with my current rust
job, I am enjoying the exact level of success with women that I
currently want.

How can this be possible? Don’t I need a Porsche and a house on
the beach to get girls?


I became an unrestrained creature of pickup simply by continually
learning and ultrarelentlessly improving myself, and not caring
what society wants me to do. You can do the same. (Even though
“ultrarelentlessly” is also not a real word.)

Stop caring what others think.

Start thinking outside the box.

Care more about what you think and what you desire, and free
yourself from the Matrix.

It’s that simple. Start today. If you need a step-by-step guide,
check out our DVDs and unrestrain yourself.

Your ultrarelentless unrestrainable coach of pickup,

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