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7 First Date Ideas From Around The Internet

Run out of first date ideas? Here are a few suggestions

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Via Glamour:

1. Baseball games

There are usually enough lulls in a baseball game that you can engage in a great conversation without missing any of the action. Plus, lots of parks now have tons of non-hot-dog-and-beer options, from barbecue and seafood stands to cocktail lounges. No MLB team in your area? Check the schedule for your local minor league or college squad.

2. Improvise something

You don’t need a teacher present to pick up a new skill. One of you can take the lead or you can bond while trying to figure it out together. Has one of you mentioned an activity you’ve always wanted to pin down? Jessica was smitten when a guy invited her to an archery range after she expressed her inner desire to be Katniss Everdeen. Not only was she amped to go all Hunger Games, but it also made her realize how thoughtful he was.

Via Elite Daily:

3. Street fair, county fair, etc.

This one depends on where you live. But most cities have county fairs, street fairs or other events with vendors and music that make them great places to walk around and chat with someone new. Check out your city’s website to see a list of local events going on near you.

4. Bookstore

Depending on your cup of tea – I’m a book nerd, myself – find a specialty store and spend an evening perusing it with your date. It’s completely free unless you end up buying something. So, restrain yourself.

It’s also a great way to learn what your date is interested in.

Via Lifehack:

5. Tourist attraction

Even if you’ve been living in the same place for years, there’s a great chance that you’ll have missed at least a few interesting places in your community. If it turns out that your chosen spot is a dud, get creative and come up with a few quick ideas to finish off your date. Most will give you a lot of slack if little things go wrong. Just keep the conversation interesting and the venue won’t be such a killer.

6. Video games

PS2, Nintendo, Xbox, it doesn’t matter. If your date is into video games and you’ve got strong thumbs, it might be time for a bit of virtual smackdown! Just be careful not to beat your date too badly at whatever video game you decide to play. You don’t want your first date ideas to turn into video-game-inspired revenge ideas. =)

Via Psychology Today:

7. Something artistic

I would recommend going to one of those ‘make your own pots’ ceramic studios for a first date, or programs like Painting with a Twist, in which it has less to do with making good art, and more to do with socializing while creating. This also helps lower inhibitions in that the two people would be engaged in an activity in which they can focus on, freeing them up to be more likely to talk to one another with less social awkwardness. It also levels the social playing field.

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