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    Best Weekend Reading From Around the Web

    img Posted June 26, 2010

    Best Weekend Reading Awesome! David Black has given us  101 Ways to Get a Girl. This is a fantastic summary of everything you should be doing to improve your game with women. Here ...


    What do Girls Do That Drive You Crazy?

    img Posted June 24, 2010

    I was just reading this article over at the campus socialite about what girls do that drives guys crazy. While there are quite a few things women do that really get under my skin. ...


    Are Your Pickups Missing “Sexual Intent?”

    img Posted June 23, 2010

    Why “Sexual Intent” Is Important I want to tell you the interesting story about how I came to realize that playing ‘hard to get’ may make your ego feel good, but it ...


    What is Your Biggest Turn-Off in a Woman?

    img Posted June 17, 2010

    What Turns You off in a Woman? Over at the Camus Socialite they put up a post talking about 5 things guys find unattractive in a woman. The article got me thinking about some of my ...


    3 Questions About Body Language with Cajun

    img Posted June 10, 2010

    Here is an excerpt from a recent interview I did with Cajun on the extremely important topic of body language.  Cajun, and a few of the other Love Systems instructors recently put ...


    Best Weekend Reading From Around the Web

    img Posted June 5, 2010

    Best Weekend Reading Here is a post on text message game that I wrote for The Bachelor Guy. Get him to the Greek star Russel Brand shares his tips for getting laid. Weekend Eye Can ...


    Getting Rid of a Stage 5 Clinger…

    img Posted June 2, 2010

    How to Get Rid of a Clingy Girl If you’ve been in the dating environment long… at some point you’ve probably come across a need, clingy girl who just seemed to su ...


    TSB Magazine Will Be Covering ‘Dating Conference 2010’

    img Posted June 2, 2010

    This weekend Just wanted to make a quick announcement that myself, and other members of the TSB staff will be in attendance this weekend covering the Dating Conference 2010. The ev ...


    Six Pillars of Self Esteem (Part 3 of 3)

    img Posted May 28, 2010

    The Third In A Series On Self Esteem Two weeks ago I began a three part series on the Six Pillars of Self Esteem. These six pillars are based on a book by Nathaniel Brandon. Self ...


    3 Types of College Girls to Hook up With

    img Posted May 25, 2010

    3 Types of College Girls to Hook up With I love finding something that is spot on.  Anyone who has been to college quickly realizes that you can “categorize” girls ver ...

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