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Five Subtle Signals That She Wants Sex

Did you know that when women want sex, they will rarely just directly initiate sex with you? Instead, they?ll usually send out some subtle signals to show you that she wants you and she?s horny, and she?ll expect you to be savvy enough to pick up on them. I know this, because in the past I used to miss these signals and blow opportunities for great sex all the time!

Like, I can remember one past girlfriend who would be BLATANTLY giving me all four of these signals, but I would always miss them. I wouldn?t notice, or would misinterpret them because I expected that if she wanted sex, she?d just initiate it or just flat out tell me.

Later I would learn that women rarely do this because they feel much more feminine and sexy if they seduce a man and ?catch? him, rather than if they aggressively pursue him for sex. This was why my girlfriend at the time was sending out such subtle signals. And when I?d miss these signals, she would get pretty frustrated and annoyed with me. Ironically at the time I would really want sex as well, but because she seemed so pissed off I?d assume she wasn?t in the mood.

If you don?t learn what these signals are, this could be you. You might be missing some opportunities for great sex, and sexually frustrating her with how inept you are in the process. So here are The Five Subtle Signals That She Wants Sex:

Signal 1: Dressing Especially Sexy / Wearing Makeup

If your girlfriend or wife is suddenly putting in the effort to look MUCH more sexy than she usually does, chances are that there?s a reason. This is her way of trying to arouse your desire, in order to get the sexual satisfaction that she wants.

And be aware: If she puts in HOURS of effort to look good for you and it seems like you don?t notice, she will get REALLY PISSED. The next time she puts in a lot of effort to look good for you, make sure that you tell her. And that you make a move for sex later in the night.

Signal 2: ?Accidentally? Revealing Some Skin

Have you ever been in the room with your girlfriend when she was changing her clothes, and she seemed to linger in her panties for just a moment too long? If so, she was probably inviting you to initiate sex with her.

The key with this is to spontaneously take advantage of the moment. Just throw her on the bed, start giving her foreplay, and have sex with her right there. She?ll love you for realized how badly she wanted sex.

Signal 3: ?Accidentally? Rubbing Against You

Another subtle way women will try to ?accidentally? arouse your desire is to touch or rub against you. This can be hard to pick up on if you?re not attuned to it, but once you recognize it a lot more opportunities for great sex will come your way.

For example, one thing my girlfriend will do is to start rubbing her ass against me just a TINY bit when we?re watching a movie together. It?s not anything blatant, so if I wasn?t looking for this I probably wouldn?t even notice. But from experience, I know that when she does this she?s feeling horny. Look for subtle signals like this your girlfriend might be sending out, and be ready to take advantage of them.

Signal 4: Being Unusually Responsive When You First Touch Her

Have you ever started kissing your girlfriend, and she gave a little moan and started rubbing your body a little? If so, she probably wanted sex.

Again, the difference here can be very subtle and easy to miss if you?re not looking for it. What you want to watch for is any small noises or sexual movements which she normally would not make when you first touch her or kiss her. Some women will also look at you with that ?fuck-me? sexual eye contact to let you know.

Signal 5: Being Especially Excited or Irritable

This one was the MOST difficult for me to figure out, since it?s so counter-intuitive. When my girlfriend would seem irritated or full of manic energy for no reason, I?d just say to myself ?hey, chicks are crazy.? And of course, since she was so irritable about little things I?d assume she didn?t want sex. BIG mistake.

Since then I?ve learned that the source of unreasonable irritability or manic-seeming energy is often pent-up sexual desire. I mean, think about how YOU feel when you?re really horny, but can?t have sex ? don?t YOU get irritated about little things which normally wouldn?t bother you? Women go through same thing, only more intensely. Recognizing that this type of behavior was usually caused by repressed sexual desire was a HUGE breakthrough for me. Because rather than yelling or arguing with her (which just pissed her off and made her more sexually frustrated), I?d just eliminate the REAL source of her frustration by initiating sex. It made her much happier, and I had some great sex in the process.

Not A Signal: Saying ?I Want To Have Sex Tonight?

I want to talk about the key to capitalizing on these signals, but first I have to point out a counter-intuitive NON-signal. And that?s when a girl just calls you up and tells you directly ?I want to have sex tonight? and verbalizes sexual desire in a non-sexual setting. If this has ever happened to you, you know it can be frustrating because sex RARELY actually happens when she says this. Something always seems to come up, or for some reason she always changes her mind later.

This is because when a girl verbalizes sexual desire in a non-sexual setting, she usually just wants to see how much sexual power she has over you. If you start drooling and getting over-eager at this point, she?ll feel validated. But it will NOT make her want to have sex with you, because she wasn?t expressing real sexual desire in the first place. She just wanted to see how much YOU wanted HER.

This is one way that feminine sexual communication can be tricky if you don?t know what she?s REALLY saying. And it also shows why it?s so important to learn about the female sex drive, rather than just ?doing what?s natural? and flying blind.

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