4 Simple Steps To Online Dating Success

Online dating is a really great way to meet women, go on a lot of dates, get laid quick and even find a chick with wifey potential.

One reason I love it so much is that I don?t need to go out hunting (or ?sarging? as some guys like to call it) for women anymore. I can just lay up in the crib in my bathrobe like Hugh Hefner, and have girls deliver themselves to me ? some times they bring beer or food.

Personally, I couldn?t give a shit about going out gaming chicks in clubs. I?ve been there and done that. It?s still fun sometimes, but it?s definitely not necessary. That said, most guys are clueless about how to use online dating effectively and never tap into this goldmine of hotness that exists just a few mouse clicks away.

So to help you get started here are 4 simple steps:

Put a profile on a REAL dating site.

Forget using ?Hot or Not? as a place to meet women; those girls aren?t really trying to meet anybody. If you are going to do online dating, you owe it to yourself to get a profile on a real dating site like?Match.com. (I?m not getting paid to say that!) I realize that there are free sites like Plenty of Fish and OkCupid, but they really can?t compare to the quality on a paid site.

Also, I know guys who pull like crazy on Facebook and? Myspace, but personally try not to use social media sites as a way to meet new women. The reason is that all the girls I already know are always scoping me out on Facebook and sometimes I need to keep things on the DL.?It also looks a lot better when I just have girls writing on my wall all the time and I?m never even logged on.

Write something that?s going to attract women.

In order to get a girl?s attention, you need your profile to stand out and show that you are a cool guy. Unfortunately, most guys have no idea how to create an attractive image of themselves. It?s like fishing. The good lines in your profile act like bait, but most guys out there are fishing with a bare hook. There?s just nothing there to tempt the fish. Even if you?re a bad-ass stud in real life, if you can?t get that across through your writing you won?t get any nibbles.

You don?t need to be a skilled writer, you just need to express something real, and unique. Most guys are afraid of expressing themselves authentically online or off because they have no confidence. So they censor themselves, try to sell themselves and end up sounding fake, generic and neutered, and that?s not going to get you anywhere.

Be normal and friendly, in your email.

When you find a woman you like, send her a SHORT email. You don?t want to come off as some desperate dude writing your life story to every chick, that will get your email deleted quick.

Also, instead of trying to get her attracted or ?turned on? through your email, just talk to her like an old friend, relaxed and natural. Don?t try to ?game? her. Just showing her you are normal and friendly will be enough to get her checking out your profile and if you?ve handled that, you?ll be good to go.

IMPORTANT: Don?t bust out with PUA routines and cut and paste responses that some other dude made up. You don?t need that stuff. I cringe when my clients talk about using cocky-funny openers, or negs, or that DHV nonsense to email girls with … barf. Seriously, we are men we don?t need that stuff.

Ask her out.

Once you get a girl writing to you online, just ask her out already! If she?s writing that means she is interested and it?s time to get her offline. Don?t be a sap and call her and text her and IM her all the time beating around the bush. Just get the digits, call up and if she won?t agree to a date right away, don?t chase her.

Girls love this ?I don?t fuck around? mentality. They throw you these tests like saying they are busy to see if you?ll chase them and most guys play right into it. The trick is to cut her off, and let her chase you. Pull this move off and watch her get Un-busy real quick!

These tips are a great starting place and I guarantee if you follow them correctly you?ll start getting some steady action online.

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