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Must-Read: What to Drink in 2013


We love drinking. But mostly that falls into two categories: Beer and whiskey. We brew our own beer, taste our own whiskey, and do our best to stay away of the most impressive mixed drinks that we can get our hands on. But one thing that we tend to stay away from, for whatever reason, is wine. That is something that we don’t know much about, and instead we just always ignore that as a selection. But, luckily, one of our goals for this coming year is to try and get a bit more into the drinking of the wine.

Which is a way to say, hey, head on over to this post from Men’s Health where they have a list of the best wines to own. Among the best of the bunch is this amazing piece of vino:

For a hot beach day: Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2006, New Zealand, $12

“Summer wines should be crisp, clean, zingy, and refreshing, and should measure up even when you’re sipping them from a plastic cup,” says Vaynerchuk. This one meets his requirements and comes with a screw cap, meaning even a seagull could get the bottle open.

Also, we’re a big fan of this one:

To impress the in-laws: Château La Fleur de Boüard 2004, France, $40

This deep, powerful red will impress newcomers and wine snobs alike, says Vaynerchuk. It’s perfect for cellaring, which shows that you appreciate maturity, but also tastes great now. “It’ll do more for your appearance than fancy clothes,” he says.

So head on over and check out the other selections that Men’s Health offers up. And then get to drinking the best wines that you can get your hands on this upcoming year.

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